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  by Tadman
Last weekend I was on 505(30) and we were held on the main at the siding between Smilax and Tulip roads for a WB freight to pass (they passed via siding). I wasn't aware there were any customers east of here anymore, who does CSS freight serve in the area? I'm speaking east of the two adjacent industries off Smilax road.

I'm a South Bend native, so I know these back roads and industries like the back of my hand, but I get surprised some days...

PS - we might have been the first train through Gary after the hazmat spill. We came through with no problems, I wasn't even aware of the spill until Easter dinner when someone asked me how I got home. See more info on the spill here: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 6&t=142243
  by justalurker66
There shouldn't be anyone east of Tulip. CSS serves two businesses at Smilax Rd and one a mile west at Walnut Rd. (I believe they are also serving the auto shredder that was built next to the tracks by Five Star - which would be a third business at Smilax Rd.) Nothing to the east.

The last time I looked CSS has their spring storage of coal hoppers in the South Bend yard.
  by Tadman
This is puzzling. There was hoppers on the train, but they were covered hoppers for sure. As we approached the east end switch, the train slowed. Few minutes later, a pair of orange geeps lead a freight westward. If that was the job switching the industries at Smilax, wouldn't they just run around their train on that siding and then wait for the passenger train?