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  by Tadman
As CSS always noted 1908 as the start of true SB-Chicago service, the 100 year anniversary is coming up. I've changed the mission of the Yahoo! Group I run toward celebrating 100 years of CSS. It's probably going to be an internet celebration, as the actuall freight and passenger railroads are very busy and probably don't want a bunch of semi-reliable clunker coaches and foamers stumbling around the property. Let's contribute some ideas so when 2008 arrives it's a special year for everybody, not just us railfans.


  by PRRGuy
What about some sort of 100 year bumper sticker or something? One of the guys here was trying to get NICTD to make a 100 year anniversary coin but I don't think they're buying into it. It did look interesting though, it had a front of a little joe and a passenger car on one side and other side had a front end of a GP-38-2 and a Nictd car front end.

(Little Joe) 100 Years ( Orange car)

( Nictd Car) 100 Years ( CSS GP-38-2)
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