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  by timberley
I just thought I'd share an interesting shot I took around Christmas time a year ago (back in the end of 2008), which I just got around to putting up online. I think some of you guys might find it interesting.

This is at the Brockville, ON, VIA Rail station. While I was waiting for my train (from Ottawa en route to Toronto), an eastbound train arrived behing P42DC #904, with a string of LRCs in tow. The first VIA 1 LRC club car had evidently been having trouble with one of its doors, and VIA maintenance found an interesting short-term solution, a la Red Green:

(Full size image at my Flickr page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/timberley512)

Apparently the handyman's secret weapon is also VIA Rail's secret weapon :P
  by electricron
If the door needs that much tape, why wasn't it taken out of service?
  by timberley
electricron wrote:If the door needs that much tape, why wasn't it taken out of service?
My guess is that it happened en route (possibly somewhere between Toronto and Brockville). The train was running about half an hour late, if I recall correctly. Since it was very busy, being right before Christmas, they likely really needed the car in service (it wasn't deadheading as far as I recall), and so had to make a repair "on the fly".