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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by njt4172

Do you mean that a dirt train ran from Lakehurst on Monday? Has anyone seen this long train yet??


  by JOHN
Also flat cars with containers for moving dirt, must have come down on Monday. They are sitting on the NAVY spur at Lakehurst.
  by OCtrainguy
Drove past Browns Yard today to see what power was there. They had CSX SD40-2 8840 & PRR SD40-2 3434, which are most likely the power for the SA42. The other units were CSX GP40-2 4415, CSX GP38-2 2796 and PRR GP15-1 1428. I'd prefer to see the latter two units, bust something tells me the SA31 will have the 4415 on their next run.

  by wolfboy8171981
Look for a Sunday run. Also of note there will be 100 USN boxcars to come out of Earle to get referbished and then to be returned to Earle over the next couple of weeks.

Last i heard on the Sand is that there is some question of weather or not its contaminated or not so samples are being taken.

It apears the "Gondola's" mentioned were actually Dirt cars for Lakehurst, it looks like that service will start soon.

Stephen you should have stoped in and said hello, my brakeman and engineer mistook you for a roadforman.

  by CRRNJ878
wolf...have you heard anything about the southern and the speed restrictions put in place? Will there be any time of upgrade or work to get the speed above 15 mph? Thnks

  by NY&LB
SA 31 cleared South Amboy at 2:08, Bank at 2:58, 22 cars, a mix of box and center beam lumber cars followed by 2 dirt container cars, Lead unit was PRR GP 15-1 1428 with good old CSX 4415 as the second unit. Seemed to maintain 25+ MPH till Eatontown ( Maxwell St) then slow way down. You folks down south should be able to catch this one in Lakhurst sometime around 6 PM.

  by nolifeCRchaser
We caught the SA31 with PRR 1428 & CSuX 4415 at Farmingdale at about 3:30pm. We did not see any sign of a train when we crossed Asbury Ave by the brick yard, but it must have beat us to Farmingdale from Collingswood as there was no headlight, marker, or shiny rail. There were some others out watching the train drill Gold Lumber.

Also at the brick yard in the parking lot was some kind of small track machine.

I did not see a train go by on monday. I only saw new cars spotted at the usual locations. Prior to today, the last SA train that I saw was the one in the picture and there were no dirt cars or any other unusual equipment. Sorry.
  by OCtrainguy
Based on a great tip from nolifeCRchaser, I was able to catch the train in Lakewood. I was not able to get a photo of the train until Whitesville Road (Rt. 527), but it was worth it with the "Conrail" GP15-1 leading! :)

  by nolifeCRchaser
At 3pm the SA31 with the usual CSuX GP-40-2 #4415 drilled Gold Lumber, then drilled Dinaso, and finally NAS Lakehurst before running around. The SA31 sat at Dinaso for about 45 minutes before heading down to Lakehurst. Still no gondolas or hoppers on this train.
  by RRSpike
After nearly two years of hoping to see the dirt cars get switched at Navy Lakehurst, I was finally in the right place at the right time! Seven in, seven out.

By the way, the shoving platform (NYC 901014) is still in downtown Lakehurst.

  by Jtgshu
Saw a train today, waiting to come east onto the NJCL at Red Bank about 6pm. 2 engines, and a good number of cars, couldn't get a count because of the speed my train was going and the S curve.

  by NJ Vike
CRRNJ878 wrote:Does anyone have any more photos of the line below union ave in Lakehurst. I know Wolf has posted some previously..
Here's a good site:


  by creeker
I have heard from friends that last weekend a locomotive was stoped in Farmingdale. So they went over and started BSin with the crew ad the engineer said that the sand traims are coming back. So i guess that is more proff that the "talk" about the sand trains isnt all talk. :D
O i cant wait to see what a 50 car train is gona do in Lakewood. HAHAHAHA


  by creeker
I ment to say "I cant wait to see what a 50 car train is gona do to traffic in Lakewood."

  by nolifeCRchaser
Here are some recent Southern Secondary pics.

Photos from April 18th
The Conrail PRR 1428 GP-15-1 leading the 4415. Kodak 200 1/60 @ F8

The shove platform in Lakehurst. Kodak 200 1/125 @ F11

Photos from April, 27th
CSX 4415 in Farmingdale. Kodak 200 1/90 @ F22

CSX 4415 crossing over the Metedeconk River bridge. Kodachrome 64 1/10 @ F16

CSX 4415 doing the pole drill at Dinaso. Kodak 200 1/125 @ F22

CSX 4415 crossing the South Branch of the Metedeconk River. Kodak 200 1/30 @ F32
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