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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by nomis
It’s not like NJT goes around saying “Black Engine Bad!” NS units weren’t banned. You just need an ACSES equipped engine, which NS is not providing enough to the Conrail pool at this time.
  by FrontFrank
NY&LB Thank you for your prompt response about the Lakewood train. It took a while but I see that my question was moved into this chat room. What does CR on the Southern Secondary mean? I see there is 777 pages in this chat and I may be retired but I do not have the time to read all of them. I also do not know the train lingo as well. I see the pictures of a black and white train. I remember seeing a blue conrail train that would come through Lakewood in the early mornings when I would get home from work. I would see it at work driving by Fort Monmouth before dawn. It was loud and would wake us all up. When I was a kid growing up in Lakewood the trains were Army green and we all thought they were Army trains. I last saw the train one day before we moved out of Lakewood in 2011.
  by pumpers
FrontFrank, I apologize in advance for repeating what you already know.

Until 1976, the tracks from Red Bank down to Lakewood (and from there to Bridgeton and beyond) were owned and operated by the Central Railroad of NJ (CNJ for short, also the "Jersey Central" RR). The CNJ called that route their "Southern Division".
In 1976 a new company Conrail (CR) was formed to take over most of the tracks of most of the bankrupt northeast RR's, including the CNJ. The CNJ Southern Division became known as the CR Southern Secondary. Hence the thread title.

Conrail's nickname was "Big Blue", due to the blue locomotives you mention. Around 20 years ago (someone here will know) CSX and NS together bought Conrail. They divided most of it up between them, but locally in NJ and the Philadelphia area they kept Conrail to operate some local tracks, including the Southern Secondary. NS and CSX often supply locomotives to Conrail so you see them being used on the CR Southern Secondary. (Well, at least the CSX ones these days for reasons described above.) I don't know the last time a "Big Blue" CR loco was on the Secondary.

Jim S
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  by NY&LB
FrontFrank: The “Army Green” locomotives were Jersey Central locomotives. Most military locomotives are painted yellow, NWS Earle has a large fleet of locomotives to move trains within the base in Colts Neck and to the piers on their PRIVATE ROW that parallels Normandy Road. I believe there is a thread on Military Railroads that may have more information. NSW Earle’s only connection to the “national network” is just north of RT 34 near collingswood on the Southern Secondary. It has been many years since anything was brought in, the last was probably their new GenSet locomotives and somewhere deep in this thread you can find some pictures of the train bring those locomotives down.
  by Bracdude181
I believe the last engine that came down here in Conrail Blue paint was NS 5281 in November 2010. It was also the last trip to Lakehurst.

Aside from NS 8098, no more engines on NS or CSXs active roster are still in Conrail blue paint.

Regarding the Navy Earle, they have two genset engines, two EMD SW engines (forgot exactly what models they are) and two Baldwin S12s still in service. At one point they also had a GE 80 tonner but I’m unsure if that engine is still on the property.
  by Bracdude181
SA31 had permission on church around 3:15 or so.
  by RustyRail5634
Permission to Open Up 15:37
  by RustyRail5634
Lined and Locked 15:47
  by Bracdude181
Clear of bank interlocking on the Southern Secondary 4:29 PM
  by RailsEast
CSX 6160 shf with 12 lumber, Eatontown at 4:50 in the pm.
  by ChooChooCharlie
Any ETA on Maxim Rd crossing? TIA
  by RustyRail5634
They're coming up to stop in Farmingdale, they'll likely be 90 minutes or so and then another 20ish to Maxim.
  by ChooChooCharlie
Great. Thank you
  by Bracdude181
Through Downtown Farmingdale at 7:41 PM
  by Bracdude181
SA31 stopped at Maxim Southard Rd and the engineer yelled at someone who had his lights pointed at the train…

Approaching Oak Glen Rd 8:14 PM
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