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  by Cactus Jack
Can anyone explain why the Fall Brook even built into Ulysses ?
  by mdamico23
Cactus Jack wrote:Can anyone explain why the Fall Brook even built into Ulysses ?

I believe Ulysses was the terminus of the Coudersport & Port Allegany Railroad and the Fall Brook made an end-to-end connection with the C&PA there. If I recall correctly from the C&PA book, the line to Ulysses was abandoned in the mid-1920s. Prior to abandonment, Ulysses was quite the lumber town, so perhaps that is another answer as to why the Fall Brook was built there.

  by Cactus Jack
Perhaps the lumber. Fall Brook was already there before C&PA built in.

I understand C&PA did not have any local business there other than interchange which included a milk car from Abbots' Dairy in Coudersport.

C&PA pulled out in 1925.
NYC in 1933 as noted earlier in this thread.
  by DaveVanEtten
I found this reference to the abandonment of the ROW by the successor of the Fall Brook Railway and am interested in obtaining a copy of the document referenced in that my family owns property affected by the ROW. How might I contact Hugh?
  by thebigham
^Send me a PM with your contact info and I will give it to Hugh.
  by DaveVanEtten
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  by thebigham
  by thebigham
The "Coudersport Remember When" Facebook page posted this pic marked Ulysses

Did the NYC have a wooden trestle like this near Ulysses?
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  by Cactus Jack
I think the trestle is on the C&PA which wrapped around and entered town from the east.
  by thebigham
^I don't think it is.

I followed the C&PA grade from Newfield Jct. at Ulysses this spring. All road crossings were at grade.

I've shown this photo to numerous people.

We think it's mislabeled.

Notice it looks like the trestle is being filled in.
  by Cactus Jack
You could well be right. I somewhat followed the C&PA grade a few years ago after not being able to figure it out by dead reckoning and having to resort to old topo maps and realizing how it circled around before entering town. But yeah that is a pretty tall trestle and I do not recall the specifics of the road / railroad interfaces.

Could well be mislabeled and perhaps has something to do with the B&S out of Newfield Junction towards Wellsville.

Or nothing at all to do with anything near Ulysses or surrounding area.
  by thebigham
^It's not B&S.

It could be exNYC?

I'll have to do some 'field work' this fall. lol