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  by LIRR272
Hello to all,

I've purchased a few Metra pieces of equipment and I need some help with what type of couplers are on the diesel hauled coaches. I was told the locomotive use a F type coupler which I found in a couple of picture. However for the coaches (7800 series and cab cars), pictures aren't that clear. I was told they use the F type coupler as well, but I found a spec which states the coaches use H.

Therefore, can someone on this forum clarify and verify which type of coupler is used? I wanted to equip my HO scale models with the couplers from Sergent Engineering.

  by dinwitty
try the kadee shelf coupler, its a tight lock style that does not lift or rise far, designed to keep coupled in accidents from tank cars with the coupler puncturing the tanks. Same kind of thought when interurbans have anti-climbers to prevent telescoping in accidents. Be sure your track is even as difference in heights could raise one car up, the kadee shelf prevents the designed "sliding".
  by LIRR272

Thank you for replying and for the information. Do you know what type of coupler Metra uses on their coaches? Is it and F or H type coupler?
  by dinwitty

type H, which is supposed to be a tightlock coupler.
  by DutchRailnut
the type F despite having the side locks is not a tight lock coupler.
Tight locks have a rubber loaded claw in knuckle and have zero slack.

See type H:
http://www.aptastandards.com/portals/0/ ... htlock.pdf