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  by Silverliner II
While not directly a Metro-North topic, this may be of interest to members here (and could fire off a new debate over service into Penn Station)...but some elements of this post may come to pass and perhaps Metro-North may take advantage. I leave it up to the discretion of the moderators as to whether this post stays or goes...

Regarding the possible sale of the SEPTA push-pulls and locomotives: http://www.septa.org/business/over25000 ... tives.html

Notice they said the sale would take place in 2010 or 2011 IF they go through with this.

By then the original 35 coaches will be 25 years old, along with the AEM-7's. The coaches would still have quite a lot of life in them, even more so if given a rebuild. But there is not much possibility they would find a buyer, as Metro-North is overflowing in cars; they have the entire former West-of-Hudson fleet sitting in storage pending evaluation and overhaul...and no locomotives to pull them, since their current diesel fleet is totally occupied with their current equipment. Ditto for ConnDOT, which just bought most of the former VRE Mafersa coach fleet. NJ Transit likely won't take them, as they just purchased the Comet V fleet, and they took an add-on to the as-yet-not built bilevel fleet, from 100 cars to close to 160 or 170 cars. Same thing to MBTA, MARC and VRE, as they have spent money on bilevel fleets recently, with a gallery car delivery pending for VRE.

The ten center-door cars will be a mere 10 years old, and, as mostly PennDOT funds went into the purchase of those cars, I'm not sure they'd look favorably on SEPTA selling them off so soon....they likely would want their funds paid back. Metro-North would be the best bet for those 10 cars though, as aside from the interior decor, they were built to Metro-North specs.

As for the ALP-44, that will still only be just a few years short of 15 years old. I'm sure NJ Transit would snap it up to become their #4432...or a parts supply.

The AEM-7 fleet might be luckier...Amtrak could snap up all 7 units, give them a quickie overhaul and add ACSES to become their #954-960...and that would ease their crunch of electric power to restore all-electric service to Harrisburg.

I might also add that unless they are anticipating a severe ridership DROP on Regional Rail by 2011, they will need cars to replace them, and I saw no plans to increase the Silverliner V order to compensate for a loss of the Bomber fleet.

The above are just my thoughts and speculations, but time will tell!

  by shadyjay
The AEM-7s would be great for Amtrak, but no use to Metro North. The coaches, sure, but as we have discussed time and time again here, it's not the coaches that's the problem right now -- it's the lack of locomotives (dual-mode). [Unless MN wants to convert AEM-7s to also operate off 3rd rail :-D , highly unlikely]


  by DutchRailnut
The Cars will probably be used and upgrades for PENN DOT service on Harisburgh line

  by Silverliner II
DutchRailnut wrote:The Cars will probably be used and upgrades for PENN DOT service on Harisburgh line
Considering that PennDOT paid for the center-door coaches, I hope so. Heck, let Amtrak take the entire fleet and use them in NYP-Philly-Harrisburg service, and the overflow can handle the NHV-SPG shuttles...

OR....dare I say it?

Let Amtrak give them all an overhaul, put long-distance seating....oh no, never mind, the fact that they have no restrooms (except for the cab cars) knocks them out of Empire Service contention.....

  by Silverliner II
I asked around and found out that SEPTA does not actually own any of the push-pull fleet or any of the electric motors. The entire purchase was part of a "rather complicated lease agreement" (that according to my source at SEPTA).

And the lease expires on all of them in 2011.....

  by DutchRailnut
who cares who they pay to get those cars/engines be it a leasing agent or SEPTA.
Bathrooms can be put in any car, refurbishing kits are available from Bombardier.