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  • Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.
Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.

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  by Schuylkill Valley
Hi all,
Well I 'm back. I had a great time up at Steamtown today. we got a few things done . Dan the man that came down from New York was a huge help! He worked on the Left leg iron on the back of the tender and took it off. it needs to be fixed , through the years it got bent back some so , He took it off and some time soon it will get back to shape. the way the photos shows it should be. We saw the right one needs to be fixed too. So the next time that one will be removed also. I was working on sanding off rust and old paint up front on the locomotive where the cross heads go. then I primered the areas with light gray paint. that's the only color I could find. so it wouldn't rust up. I even touch up the gloss black on the piston housing sheet metal it looks better for now.
Here is a picture of it.
I'm planning a work day in July. I had a few replies for the date of the Sunday July 19th. so I'm hoping there will be more to show up to help.

I would like to get the tender over the the main loco shop to have the oil tank remove and start to restore that. And then worrie about 565 latter. when we have all the parts to put the lead truck back on.

The tender is will be a little easier then working with the loco. so it show get restore faster. I think once the tender is looking like it's old self, I feel more people will come out because they'll see we are not fooling around. I'll have a video up on youtube soon of the updates on this project.

Take care all.
  by Schuylkill Valley
Hello all,
The workday went well at Steamtown today, I had a Two man crew plus my self of course. We now have a skilled Carpenter and a Fork Lift Operator on the team.

Today I work with our carpenter looking over the windows and doors for 565 and determine that there not the originals, so to do this right we need to fine out what kind of wood was used and what the windows and doors looked like.

Our fork lift operator "JT" was doing sandblasting on some of our larger parts.
Front driver's journals and grate shakers, plus we moved around a few bins in the store age room to see what else parts we have. We found out we have both connecting rod cranks and all the bolts and nuts that gose with the drive rods.

We also found out the Original wood is still in the cab and looks in radder good shape, a few pices needs to be replaced.

Our Carpenter lives in New Jersey and used to work with the Black River & Western Railway. So he knows steam a huge plus.

Here are a few pictures of the before and after of the parts that were cleaned.

Here is the video that goes with the Workday from this past Sunday.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_Xpq3DI ... re=channel


PS. if I could have more help we could get more done.




  by Schuylkill Valley
Hello All,
I had to change the date of our work day on 565 because of this, this is quoted from George "Leonard
I have to ask you to come up with another date for working on the DL&W 565
rather than August 22nd. The 22nd is a rare day when we have 2 excursion
destinations and a yard shuttle. Bruce will be needed on train crew that
day and will not have time to commit to the DL&W 565."

Our new date is Sunday August 23rd. I ran this past with Bruce and this is what he said. "Looks good so far Len,

I should be able to help out. We received a shipment of sand blasting media so the blasting of the big parts can begin."

So if every thing gose well we might be sand blasting the biger parts of 565 like the Lead truck frame and other parts, So We need all the help we can get , Please come out and suport DL&W 565.

Please let me know your coming. We'll meet at 9:00 AM. at steamtown's main parking lot. if you get there a bit late just tell the rangers at the ticket booth your here to work on Project565. Here is the link for the
Volunteer Application http://www.nps.gov/stea/supportyourpark ... _06_07.pdf

After you hook up with us, I'll take you over to Will's office to fill out the two other fourms. for the Shop and Round house.

Remeber Steel Toe Boots
18 or older.
And clothes you don't mind getting dirty , bring a change of clothing they have a locker room. and pack a lunch or you can go next door at the Steamtown Mall 's food court.

Bring a friend.

Thank you,
Co- Volunteer Lead
  by Schuylkill Valley
Hello all,
We now have an official web page for the Lackawanna 565 Restoration Project.This project aims to cosmetically restore Lackawanna 2-6-0 "Mogul" type locomotive No. 565 Only One of Two Steam locomotives of the DL&W in the world.
So please check out this new website , and become a member too.

Thank you,
Co - Volunteer Lead.
  by Schuylkill Valley
Project 565
Progress Report for August 23, 2009

Hello all,
On Sunday we had our 4th. Workday since I took over for Steve and we got a lot done. Which made me please and I know it made Steamtown pleased. We all got there around 9:00 am. and got to work pretty much right away. As I took our newest crew member Jim, over to sign out the two shop forms. Bruce got J.T. set up for out side sand blasting over on Track One. He started with the Pilot Truck Frame then the Pilot Truck Swivel Fixture after that he worked on the Pilot Truck Stabilizer Frame, While this was going on, Gordon our Carpenter was looking over the cab to see how the widows and doors were attached. He drew up a plan and looked over the Baldwin blue prints I brought up of a camel back that was built back in 1906 in fact it's still around, you know it as #4 at Strasburg RR. .
Gordon looked over the print, and found out that Baldwin used Cherry Wood for the Window Sashes and White Pine for the doors. He's going to contact Pat McKinght some time this week and find out more information, before he starts on building new windows and doors.

We all broke for Lunch around 12:00pm. After lunch we started on the sand blasting of the Brake cross Bars. I brought up Five wooden freight pallets for assorting the parts out of the Green bins.

Bruce worked on cutting out the old pins in the Pilot Truck Swivel Fixture , He'll be making new pins for it soon.

After all the Sand Blasting was over with, we started to primer paint the parts so they wouldn't rerust again. We used White brush on primer paint.

Our next workday might be September 19th. I have to get with the heads of Steamtown first. It seams like that date would be best because Steamtown has no special tips that day. all the rest of the weekends of September their busy. I'll get back to uses on that.

If we could get more help we could get even more done. So if any one who reads this report wants to volunteer their time go to the front page of this site and click on the volunteer form link. Ages 18 or Older is required.
The End.

PS. Check out our new Website on Project 565.

Leonard F. Shaner, Jr.
Co - Volunteer Lead.
  by Tri-State Tom
Leonard -

Good project, good work and informative web site !

IMO, this on-going restoration of # 565 warrants a permanent tack-it thread. Would certainly make updates easier for you and be easier for viewers here to follow the progress.

Mod Joe - can do ??
  by Otto Vondrak
Tri-State Tom wrote:IMO, this on-going restoration of # 565 warrants a permanent tack-it thread. Would certainly make updates easier for you and be easier for viewers here to follow the progress.
Someone keeps making a new thread for each update, I've been merging the topics as I find them... to keep them all in one place so they're easy to track.

Interesting project! Carry on!

  by Tri-State Tom
Apologies Otto....didn't know you took over for JoeG.

  by afboone
Updates from Len:
On Saturday, October 31, 2009, we had three new members show up for work. They came down from New York state. They're college students taking up metal , woodworking and welding, so in time their skills are going to be needed, when we start making new parts and welding cracks.
The first thing we did was have a small meeting in the storage room, and then we got to work. Because of the weather we didn't have the third sand blaster working, so we only had the two booths inside working. Kelsey was on the small booth and Jim was working the large booth. While they were sand blasting, JT moved the pilot truck stabilizer frame over to track 1 to get primer painted.
Once we had that painted, we moved on to the scrap dock to retrieve the firebox cross bars and two air tank brackets, plus the right side air pump. JT placed the parts over near track 1 for our next workday for sand blasting-as long as the weather permits us to.
Jim was working on the last of the brake cross bars and Kelsey was really getting the small parts done quickly. She was really going to town! She got one whole keg and half of another one of parts done. Jim was working on two valves, one air and the other water. Jim and I were looking through the one wooden keg of parts and we found the brass casting of the steam gauge, but the gauge itself is long gone. I polished the casting and it looks nice.
After Lunch we took parts over to the basement. We took over the pilot wheel set, a pallet full of brake parts, the pilot truck frame and the smoke box cover.We have a lot of room down there so we'll take over most of the parts once they're sand blasted and painted.
While we were working on the parts Dan was cleaning the soot out of 565's smoke box with a shop vac.
Gauge housing
Air pump plaque
Parts! No the paint can doesn't go with the engine! LOL
  by afboone
Len and his gang have been real busy over the last few weeks. They are working just about every weekend to get as much done as possible. The parts bins and barrels are yielding many of the cab components. Work has started on the cab wood. Please visit the website for update reports and pic. Way too much info to post.

Website: http://project565.webs.com/
  by afboone
Len and the gang did one more workday again this month!!!!! Here are some very cool pics they took of the headlight! Thanks Len.

Primed and ready!
What the????? It works!!!!!!!!
  by Schuylkill Valley
Hear is a list of what we have accomplished for 2009.

Pilot Truck
Lead wheel set, Frame, truck frame swivel fixture, truck equalizer bar, truck stabilizer frame

Flooring , Grate Shakers, Throttle Handel, long stem valves, Check valves, Sight glass, Window and door linkage, and our Carpenter will be working on our seat boxes over the winter in his workshop at home.

Front Driver Journals, Grease tension plates, and some Spring linkage, Pilot "Cow Catcher" is on track One waiting for sand blasting.
All of the Drive rod attachments found

Brake system
Cross bars, Air brake stand, ok this is where Steve's Air Force guy's come in They sand blasted and primer painted most all of the brake linkage for Chassis.

Smoke box cover, Steam dome, Aux. Steam dome, Hand Railing holders, Smoke box door clips, Marker light holders, Headlight, Fire box cross bars, Small Aux. Air pump, Pressure release valve. Oil cans shelf that mounts above the fire box doors.

Left Stirrup step Removed, Tender is now push back to the locomotive.

There has been other parts sand blasted and I'm not sure of their names and where they go on the locomotive.

Steve and I want to thank the whole Steamtown employees for their help in this project, With out having their expertise we wouldn't had gotten this far. We look forward to working with them next year in 2010.

And now that steamtown will have us up over the winter months, we should get even more done! So stay tune to see what eles we get done.
Co- Volunteer Lead.
  by Schuylkill Valley
Hi all,
Our other Project 565 website isn't working out to well, the boy who is the web - master refuses to give me the pass word, so I can update the information while he is grounded from the computer and cell phone for not getting good grades in school. So because he is not cooperating with us, I talk it over with our head leader and he subjected to make a new site. So it's still under construction, but you can view it at http://projectdlw565.webs.com .

Let me know what you think, because I'm new at this.

Take care,
  by steamsniper
Excellent Website!. I had no idea anyone was restoring that locomotive. I have photos of the 565 in the roundhouse. I believe it was sitting next to the Reading 2102, and 425. I always loved the sight of the flaired firebox. My Great Grandfather worked for the Lackawanna. He designed the many stations and wanted each station to fit into it's community. I see photos of many of the Lackawanna's 800 series Camelbacks with grandpa at the throttle. Scranton Yard was a totally different place 90 to 100 years ago. I'd love to get involved somehow with the 565 restoration.
  by afboone
Steamsniper, get with Len. He is running the show while I'm in Iraq. We are really getting into the heavy work this year with tender work, front pilot re-installation, and rebuild the cab with new wood and sheet metal. Plus tons of little stuff that has to go back on the old gal!