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  by miklin
CJAD is reporting a CN derailment at Cornwall is forcing VIA Toronto-Montreal trains to run by way of Ottawa
  by miklin
technically, the derailment is at Morrisburg Ontario. VIA detour via Ottawa is adding up to three hours to most Montreal-Toronto trains.
  by timberley
Knowing my luck, I decided to take my camera and go down to catch train 65 at Johnstown (MP 110, about half an hour west of Morrisburgh). After waiting quite a while, and realizing the train was close to an hour late, I was losing the sunlight, and so decided to head home. I was rather confused, especially when I failed to hear two subsequent VIA trains (I can't recall the numbers, they both pass here between about 6:30 and 6:45), and had heard no freights either.

I searched Google News for "VIA", and this story came up:

http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoa ... 1-qmi.html (It's been updated since last night).

So, that train wasn't coming....

VIA is predicting the line will be open by noon today, and based on the clean-up work I watched after a CN derailment in Prescott a few years ago (in which many more cars left the track), I expect they'll have the line clear pretty quick.
  by Ken V
There's been another CN derailment near Cornwall Ontario causing some VIA trains between Toronto and Montreal to be rerouted through Ottawa. Other trains have been terminated mid route at Belleville or cancelled completely. The Toronto Star reports hazardous material is involved. This could mean a disruption to VIA's corridor service for several days.