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  by timberley
As some of you may know, Coors Light has had a contest where 100 people won tickets on the "Silver Bullet Express", a train trip through the Rockies between Edmonton AB and Kamloops BC. The trip will run (return) from April 15 to 17th, and will include

The train is being operated by VIA Rail, with F40PH-2d's 6445 and 6408 decorated in special Coors wraps (note that 6408 has finally lost it's Spiderman 2 graphics...only 7 years after the film!), and a 16 car consist. The consist for the Express includes Craig Manor, Hunter Manor, Hearne Manor, Franklin Manor, Stuart Manor, Bell Manor, Diner Princess, Skyline 8505, Panorama 1721, 5 baggage cars (8609, 8616, 8621, 8613, and 8615), and Banff Park. The 5 baggage cars have been outfitted inside as "Party Cars", including dance floors, a spa, a casino, etc. Externally, about half of the cars have received "Coors Light" vinyls next to the numberboards.

The consist was deadheaded to Edmonton on VIA 1 on April 10th. Here's a video of it just past Winnipeg:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3OcCRv1 ... re=related

Here, you can see a video from Coors of VIA 6445 being wrapped (in timelapse), as well as outfitting the interior of the baggage cars. This is VERY COOL!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzrGrQtb ... re=related

Here's a photo of the engines (not mine...credit to Steve Boyko)


Note that the locos have no visible VIA logos. This suggests the engines will likely not last in this scheme beyond the operation of this particular train.

Decal on Bell Manor:

  by NeoArashi
Awesome pics! Thanks for those.

Off-topic: traingeek, are you, by any chances, the same traingeek I used to often see on youtube ?
  by buddah
I must say the F40s look good in the Coors silver bullet wrap, Id actually say the scheme of it works well with the Budd cars VIA could just leave them as-is and slap a new temporary decal over the parts that have Coors on them and Insert a rather modern VIA logo in its spot.

Im also inclined to ask if 6408 really got spidey removed or did someone take the shortcut and just wrap Coors decal on top of spideys ( as I use to do decal graphic instillations Ive seen this only too often). Usually in a situation like this were the vehicle ( locomotive) in question is due for a overhaul ( repaint to Renaissance scheme) in a few yrs or less its a lot more cost efficient to over wrap than pay for a removal and a clean install.
  by timberley
As far as I know, the Coors wrap was applied directly over the Spiderman 2 graphics on 6408. As I recall, the main reason those units stayed in Spiderman graphics so long was because of the extra cost that would be involved in repainting the locos, since the Spiderman graphics apparently pulled off most of the paint underneath when they were removed on a few of the units.

With rebuilding on the very near horizon, these units will likely stay in Coors wrap until that time, although I believe they are supposed to be receiving actual VIA logos soon.
  by Silverliner II
I was at Aldershot station on July 9th just past noon, and VIA 6445 made an appearance on a Windsor-bound train. I was going to attach the pic, but the file is too big and I can't shrink it down to fit here.
  by NeoArashi
On june 2th of this year, I was in Weymotaci (Otherwise known as either Weymont or Weymontachie), which is on the Montreal-Senneterre road. Took the train to go to La Tuque, and was surprised when I saw that the train carrying us was the Silver Bulet Express... Wasn't that train used in the rockies? What the hell was it doing all the way to the Northen Quebec route?
  by Montrealrail
they used them for the Coors Light Silver Bullet express promotion,but after the promotion,the price to unwrap the F40 are not valuable to do before the rebuilt of the locomotive,and VIA make in way that all the unupdated F40 are affected in eastern counrty route,easyer to pick them up to send them at CAD rail industry in Lachine Qc..by the way,we can see them on Quebec-Windosr corridor,also for eastern Canada train (Halifax an Gaspé) and sometine on Nothern Quebec,in Abitibi-Joncquiere trains..

They will be stay wrapped till they go in for the rebuit,in the same occasion,Coors Light get some free advertising..
  by Ken V
Jeff Smith wrote:I believe the same train has been in New York
Sorry, it's not the same train. I don't know where the rolling stock for the U.S. version comes from but I do know it is different from the VIA consist used in Canada.
Ken V wrote:
Jeff Smith wrote:I believe the same train has been in New York
Sorry, it's not the same train. I don't know where the rolling stock for the U.S. version comes from but I do know it is different from the VIA consist used in Canada.
Interesting car on the rear but it's defiantly not a "Park"
  by Jeff Smith
Ken, I was thinking it was a 20th Century PV. Is the power the same?
  by electricron
A VIA "Park" car nor any other Budd built "Dome" car could fit inside the NEC tunnels to or from New York's Penn Station. So, of course it's not a "Park" car. It's probably a Budd built "Observation" or "Club" car in the photo.