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  by Ken V
I found this video on YouTube which shows the last car is "Babbling Brook", an ex-NYC Pullman observation car. The VIA Coors Light train was led by a pair of customized F40PH-2 locomotives (pictured earlier in this thread) and not the regular Amtrak AEM 7 shown in the blog photo and video.
  by Montrealrail
for seeing the silver Bullet Express consist,I found that video,where we can see it with every cars.

It's the Canadian,but,look after the panoramic car,several baggages cars and the park car,folowed by the Canadian consist..
So you have two chance to see witch kind of park car is

The one we see on the Amtrak's picture are the same,exept for the dome

the way I made the difference is

"observation" no dome and the round back

"dome-obsevation" round back and the skyine dome,or the park car..
here's one of my best pictures of it