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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by switcher3051
it's missing more. 2028 has the better chance of running first. I hauled it up from the junction a few months ago after fully the GG1's were moved across Rt7. Our members worked on it until the cold and snow settled in. Hopefully spring will come early so work can begin again.
  by umtrr-author
dj_paige wrote:Pictures of the GG-1s being moved (I think you have to be a Facebook member to see these)

https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/5135 ... 745580057/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
More specifically, you need to be a member of the actual Delaware & Hudson group within Facebook.
  by switcher3051
some nice photos on flickr. with all the people with cameras those days there should be more links around or i'm not looking in the right place . the video of the first move is really nice. hopefully there should be some of the moves of the old cars from the west leg of the wye to the east so we can bring the fl9's up to milford.
  by Otto Vondrak
Just curious, is there ever any chance of excursion trains operating from Cooperstown Jct. to Cooperstown? What are the obstacles to opening the entire branch?

  by Benjamin Maggi
I don't work with the C&CV but during our summer excursion up to Cooperstown we had to stop short of Glen Ave as the crossing was either removed or paved over. Running into Cooperstown might be feasible but in my mind I don't know where I would put the station. And, unless they put a runaround track in place (unlikely due to the lack of real space in the area) the train would either need to be a shove move for part of the trip (possible) or run with engines on either end (possible).
  by switcher3051
Rt 80 is the limit of our run north, no tracks under the road. We have used the run around at Linden Ave before to head into town.

Trains running on the south end are in our future plans. Ties on the Portlandville bridge were replaced this year, ballast dumped in spots and a washout repaired by the jct. Storm damage was repaired a couple years ago. This years rail fan day may include the Jordan Spreader clearing the south end.
  by switcher3051
Only obstacles to run the entire length really is the money for materials, time and manpower. Seems the same few people are doing the work and most of us are up there in years. From Milford north is the revenue line and we keep that up. The south portion we work on and we have run down to the jct. Brush cutting needs to be done but plans of using the spreader should make it easier. Lots of public crossings on the south end which means flagging stops but I'm sure folks will be out watching. On our way down to the jct to move the GG1's we had to stop at Portlandville and people came out. Bringing the FL9's back up there were a lot of folks out there watching since it was years since a train was down that way. Wish I had a date but a lottery win will bring it sooner. The south leg is pretty running along the river.
  by switcher3051
CACV 3052 Alco S-7 is being repainted to it's former CN colors. The Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley RR's Facebook page has a photo. Still some work to be done. Originally it was CN 8223.
  by Otto Vondrak
switcher3051 wrote:CACV 3052 Alco S-7 is being repainted to it's former CN colors.
May I ask how this decision came about? Seemed like having another unit in D&H-like CACV lettering would have been a more logical choice.

  by switcher3051
I recall it was going to be repainted that way by members of another group in return for a special rate on an event but they never repainted. I showed up one day and it was nearly repainted black and I found out it was going to be back to her original CN paint scheme and number. Paint and labor supplied by a couple of CACV members. Don't know who made the final decision.

it would have looked really nice last year lashed up with 3051 if it was painted.
  by thebigham
From the CACV Facebook page:

Hello to all of our fellow C&CV follower, Pete here.

Hope everyone is having a great winter and those of us who volunteer at the railroad can't wait for spring to come and to get back out on the rails again. I'm posting to try and get some support for something I feel is important to Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad. Recently the Claremont and Concord Railroad of New Hampshire has been bought out. The C&C operated a couple of Alco swtichers, one of which happened to be D&H #3050, the last D&H S-4. It is possible if not purchased, this unit may be scrapped.

It's a locomotive that I think would be very apppropriate for our operation painted back in it's original paint scheme and road number. I'm hoping to try and get some support to try and save it. It's currently only lacking the turbo charger and maybe some batteries, otherwise my understanding is that this is a running unit, I'm still currently looking into it.

I hope that folks out there will be willing to support me in purchasing this unit and getting it moved to our location. When I have more info, I may set up a go fund me page to help me out with this. Any help that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated, I feel as though this is a worth while and important project for us. I will hopefully have more info on this soon, I'm including a picture of the unit in it's current Claremont and Concord scheme. Thanks!