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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NHV 669
I've seen posts about it shared to several groups. Regardless of the cost to rehab the line, I can't see how they would fit that much mileage into their operation and make it work. They rarely go beyond 30 miles on the west end from North Conway, now Dave thinks they'll have a plan for an extra 50 in the other direction?
  by Goddraug
The big points made were tapping into cruise ship traffic from Portland and any potential freight they can somehow scrounge up. Maybe Dave knows something we don’t, I dunno. It’s a lot of mileage to make such a proposal like that without something to back it up.

I’m an eternal optimist but even I’m wondering how much that would tax their motive power. At least it would give them more space to spread out all the weird stuff they’ve been buying these last few years.
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  by CSRR573
Thanks for the update. Sorry my post was vague as well. Didnt know how to phrase it. Maybe that explains all the new 50s equipment theyre bringing in
  by p42thedowneaster
Portland to Mt Washington Hotel would be a pretty nice cruise itinerary.

Could even try running it all the way to Montreal. Half the people would sail from Portland to Montreal and the other half would ride the rails to Montreal, all would then swap for the return journey.
  by NHV 669
CSRX FB posted a picture of contractors working on 7470; they needed to lift off the cab to access the crown sheet at the top of the firebox. They stated that there is no timetable for a return to service.
  by Stp243
NHV 669 wrote: Sat May 20, 2023 6:57 am William F. Sullivan Jr., I believe he's an attorney in MA.
He owns Sullivan Metals and Sullivan Steel in Holyoke/Worcester. They deal in scrap metal and also sell new steel for construction and other uses. I've met him personally, nice guy from what I can tell.

He has a nice picture of the North Conway station on the wall in his office. I mentioned I was into trains/railroading and he was proud to say he was part owner, a big smile came to his face.

At the end of the day he is a business owner, who wants to make money so I'd guess that's his goal here too. Could only speculate what he might have in mind.
  by b&m 1566
They added an additional departure to Conway this season, adding a 445pm departure time. With two AM departures and two PM departure, this marks the first time since 1994, Conway will see 4 regularly scheduled trains a day during the summer and fall season. Historically speaking, that was the norm during the summer and fall before expansion.
  by Calebharris39
In addition to the ex rbbx and ex amtk cars brought in, wasn't there going to be an additional passenger car brought in ?
  by CSRR573
Happy Birthday to the CSRR. Management doesn't even seem to care
  by p42thedowneaster
I'm sure we'll see some more activity in the fall, but they did at least mention the bday on FB. They also recently started doing a special period presentation on weekend Sawyers River runs. Tells the story of the white mtns logging biz (I think specifically the Saunders) with live actors.
  by Drewby27
What's with all the activity at Hazens recently, I noticed a bunch of old rail road tracks sitting next to the line...?
  by NHV 669
Guessing it's the rail from this post?
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  by NHV 669
No, that rail is for whatever repairs may be needed between Hazens and Conway. The few runs that operate that far generally have power on both ends.
  by BandA
Was the B&M line "near Littleton" rehabbed with heavier rail or is it now unrailed? Photo shows only a little bit of rail.
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