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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by b&m 1566
There are plans in the works to construct a building down in Conway, across the tracks from the freight house (the building has already been approved by the town, I shared the article in this forum, sometime last year). I have been told, it will have two tracks going into the building and will provide additional storage and shop space. With the lead track coming up from the south, there's a good chance the south end of the Conway rail yard will be refurbished to help accommodate and gain access into this new facility. In addition to that, I'm also hearing they are toying with the idea of moving the cabooses over (railroad west) onto a new track not yet built, freeing up more yard tracks that will allow access into stall 1 from the north end of the rail yard. Either way you look at it, there's some big changes coming in the near future.
  by NHN503
That has been pipe dream plan in the works for years now with the current management. They have far larger issues to address and perfect first before even doing anything more than the idea of the building that they showed us.

If this was a stock I'd call it a falling knife and stay clear until something significantly changes there.
  by BM1566GP7
The Mass Bay RRE is again advertising their Steam in the Snow trip with the 7470 for January 2922, That is just 60 days away and I have seen nothing here that repairs to the tender have even been scheduled, never mind underway. Also, no word that the repairs on 252 are actually in progress.

As far as a new building in Conway, that is prime real estate just off Main St. The property taxes alone on such a building there will be over the top, to say the least.
  by NHV 669
BM1566GP7 wrote: Wed Nov 03, 2021 7:36 am Also, no word that the repairs on 252 are actually in progress.
They posted about it back in September as well as last week. Work is still ongoing, and it sounds like they want to get it in service before the end of the year.
  by b&m 1566
I don't know anything about it being a pipe dream, it seems pretty legit if the town has already approved the plans. Last I heard, demand was high for contractors up there, resulting in a wait list for construction (at least when it comes to building houses). As for moving the cabooses to a new track to free up the north yard, I took that as just an idea they are contemplating. I believe the cabooses are connected to the towns sewer system, not sure if moving them to a new track would require town approval.
  by EastYorkTrainFaan
On their instgarm page they put up some pictures of 255 relabbled for the conway senic railroad and with the number 255 on it as temprary stickers in red and white until they get it painted to mastch 252 and 216.
  by NHV 669
  by CSRR573
Saw a post on another social media site that they have acquired trucks for 7470 and just need to install them. Also she should be test fired near the end of December
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The new ' facilities ' in Conway should be nothing more than a car barn last I heard. This would have happened sooner however there's been internal fighting between David and the other significant stake holder in CSRR. Stake Holder wants to pay for a car barn from his own funds and put it across the freight house. David agreeed to have it on the property BUT not for it's intended use. This had been the hold up. David wants to store both steam engines down there, freeing up stall #4 and until 501s rehab is ready to commence. The other gentlemen disagrees and wants to bring in his private varnish and house it in the car barn.
  by NHV 669
Based on a post within the last hour to the company Facebook, it sounds like they couldn't guarantee that 7470 would be ready in time, and MBRRE has subsequently cancelled the steam in the snow event.
  by Jonathan
Just saw that 7470 is not guaranteed to run in January of 2022, can someone tell the railroad to get the steam engine fixed first before purchasing equipment that shouldn't have been purchased in the first place? I'm very disappointed, 7470 is the jewel of the railroad and rather than focusing on getting new equipment, they should have spent their time with this, not getting a GP9 for a display piece and a third locomotive for the notch train. They owe a year filled with steam events to us railfans that hoped to see 7470 numerous times.
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