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  by jhdeasy
Since 2009, Via Rail Canada has informed private railroad car owners that construction activities prevents occupied parking in Montreal Central Station. Occupied parking is available at the Montreal Maintenance Center, but Via imposes a very hefty "security surcharge" in addition to their regular parking charge (which is more than seven times the cost of parking at an Amtrak station).

Since at least 2002, in my personal experience, private cars arriving/departing Montreal on Amtrak's Adirondack are parked towards the north end of Central Station's track 16, where 480 VAC HEP and ground air are available, adjacent to an escalator and stairway to the concourse.

Can anyone verify what is happening with the construction at Montreal's Central Station? Has the Adirondack been arriving/departing track 16? Does there appear to be an obstruction or hazard to parking an occupied PV at that location on track 16?

Jack Deasy
American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, Inc.
  by Montrealrail
Nothing have been changed yeath! I pass by every days and the only thing that get chance,is the schedule board in the middle of the Central station..

nothing have been changed or started for the parking in the station..

For the track that used by AMTRAK,it can be the 16 or the 17 track