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  by Gilbert B Norman
Well surprise!!!!

Work on the Westward shed has resumed; so I guess the barristers have come to some kind of understanding. That's hardly to say their meters are "high sticked".
  by Gilbert B Norman
Well the Clarendon Hills station is now essentially complete. Looks like all that's needed to the WB shed is a few electrical fixtures.

They have a separate project on the EB side to do; someone thought that part of its "prairie" motif should include boulders along the tracks. How that safety deficiency first escaped BNSF (want some kids to roll one of them onto the 1 Track to watch "the fun"?), but it has been caught now.

What a joke - and I'm paying for it!!!!

On my walks, the parking lots appear about fifty percent full. I read (think in The Journal) that RTO3X is to become the "new normal" for knowledge workers.

They're NEVER coming back to pre-COVID levels.

Sorry about being Diogenes over this whole charade.
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