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  by ryanbytes
Not my face. My ticket. Who decides the desigh of the punches? I've seen some generic shapes but I've also seen boots, brake shoes, tulips, insulators and maybe a duck.

  by byte
I don't think anyone really "designs" them - obviously someone comes up with the initial mold for them and all, but it's really more just finding distinctive shapes to punch with, so the conductors can tell if they punched a ticket or if someone's trying to pass of yesterday's as one they supposedly just bought.

  by MikeF
If you want to see a whole bunch of ticket punch designs, check out M.C. Mieth's listings at http://www.holepunch.com/supplement.htm.

  by ryanbytes
Well there they all are! I started taking pictures of the punches in my tickets. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanbytes/ ... 091483071/ Because you know. I'm a nerd. :P

  by benltrain
now this is interesting!

  by PRRGuy
Personally, my punch makes a shape like a raindrop/teardrop.

  by byte
If you ever want to buy one (and don't work for a railroad), go to IRM. They have boxes and boxes of them.