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  by superbad
I found this on the new metrolink cars and apparently new paint schemes.. Apparently the first two cars are going to be on Metrolink property in may????
word is that they are stainless steel.. I guess they will be compatable with the commet cars and the bombardiers... anyone know anything else on this or have better pictures... I really do not know what to say yet, other than it looks like the current Amcal fleet cars with an amtrak loco nose on the front..
  by Kaback9
Those really might be the ugliest cars I have ever seen!
  by superbad
i was thinking the same.. fortunately the bombardiers will far outnumber these.. i think they are going to find the cabcar setup to be a pain in the rear..
  by Fan Railer
from what company?
  by Kaback9
The always crappy Rotem I believe.
  by superbad
I have heard nothing but bad stuff about Rotem, so I assume that they really might be bad. At least the Bombardiers were built in North America. Basically these cars look like the current Amtrak-CAl fleet..
  by BuddSilverliner269
Yikes that stuff is ugly. Again anything Rotem builds is junk and it all looks like something that belongs in Korea and not American rails. just my .o2 cents
  by pennsy
Let's wait and see how they perform. The Bombardiers have an excellent track record, so the bar is set rather high.
  by lensovet
wow, can we tone down the rhetoric here please?

what i think is more interesting is the look of the cab cars. looks like they are trying to do something about the glendale incident by reinforcing the end of the car to make it more like a loco and less like a regular trailer. i do have to wonder about the straight rooflines though, sort of like Caltrain's Gallery cars, seems to me that's less aerodynamic and just wastes fuel, is there supposed to be a direct connection between the upper levels?
  by superbad
if i recall, wasn't this about the time the first of the rotem cars should be getting delivered. I agree with whoever, the cab car is going to be a pain in the butt..
  by superbad
the first two are slated for delivery in november 2009, so now. there are also going to be 80 regular passenger cars.. it looks like the new cabcars are going to be a legistical nightmare.
  by ST214
Any updates on these cars?
  by superbad
http://articles.latimes.com/2009/dec/18 ... -2009dec18

dated: dec 18,2009

>>>>>>>>>>>metrolink to receive new crash-resistant cars next month
The 117 cars have energy-absorbing ends to distribute the force of head-on crashes and feature breakaway interior tables. "These cars will save lives," said Metrolink Chairman Keith Millhouse.
December 18, 2009|By Rich Connell

Nearly five years after a deadly Metrolink train wreck in Glendale intensified debate about passenger car design, Southern California's commuter rail service will soon take delivery of new high-tech, crash-resistant cars, officials announced Thursday.

Two of the new-generation cars, the first of their kind in the nation, are to be unloaded from a ship in the Port of Long Beach in mid-January and will be put into service as early as next summer, agency officials said in a news conference at a Metrolink maintenance yard northeast of downtown Los Angeles.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SO,,, if this was dated 12/18.. are they here yet? if not it must be close..