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  by doepack
Shortly after 6am on July 21, 1856, the Illinois Central ran their first commuter train from Central Station at 12th St. to what was then the suburb of Hyde Park.

150 years later, this segment is now of course part of the MED. To commemorate the event, I'm told that a few railfans are planning to ride South Chicago local train 305, departing Millenuim Pk/Randolph St. at 6:28am, since that train most closely resembles the very first run, at least schedule-wise. Metra has no official plans to recognize the anniversary, but if they did, it would be fitting if they chartered a diesel w/two coaches and a cab to make one trip in each direction along the 12th St.-Hyde Park segment, since the IC used locmotive-hauled cars initially, and didn't switch to electrification until 1926. And naturally, Metra F40PH unit 150 would be the logical choice to run the special train...

  by c604.
IRM could always loan Metra the IC 201 steamer for the event ;-)

  by MikeF
WBBM has an article about the anniversary today: