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  by Pacific 2-3-1
The upscale French Market under the tracks, at street level, of what remains of the former C&NW Ry. terminal downtown is getting a "Le Pain Quotidien" bakery.

Whatever French I know, I picked up from playing Mille Bournes and reading VIA Rail Canada timetables, so I know that one.
  by Tadman
The French Market is awesome. I cannot recommend it enough. The food is all fresh and fun and there is a lot of good coffee and booze, too. I'm on my laptop over at CUS right now and I'd like to drop by if I have a few.
  by doepack
The French market at OTC is cool, but if I've got time, I'm either wolfing down Popeye's or a beef sandwich from the Great Steak & Potato at the other food court before heading for home on UP/W.

But the vestibule area of the old CNW terminal where the French market is located is a great place to hang out, especially in the summer. And to be honest, I find myself watching more of the fine ladies passing through than the trains : -)