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  by jgallaway81
Hey Gang... request for information...

Does anyone have any idea (hopefully with some proof to back it up) which two coaches were reduced to slag?

Ed's second edition has a total of three combines and five coaches listed. Coaches 307 (ex-611), 308 (574), 310 (616), 311 (552) and 312 (600)

I'm trying to determine which two were scrapped, and also what coaches are in fact which DLW #'s.

I thought Pat had posted this info before, but I can't find it.. if you find the thread, just post it here please. It should have the info I'm looking for.

  by reinhardtjh
Based on what I saw last summer (July 2007) I'd say the two were coaches #308 and #310. I have pictures of all or parts of the following:

305 - Combine
306 - Combine
307 - Coach
309 - Combine
311 - Coach
312 - Coach

I saw no sign of 308 and 310 so that's what I'm basing my assumption on.

I don't have any info on the corresponding DLW #'s

  by BSOR Patarak
That is correct, it definitly was coach 308 and 310. You can tell from photographic evidence as those two had ribbed roofs, whereas the ones left have smooth roofs. One or both of these also still had the pot belly stove pipe sticking out of the top.

The numbers on the coaches weren't correctly applied after one of the orange repaintings...they actually weren't even lettered for awhile. The correct numbers were reapplied at the last painting. Actually there are a couple of coaches that have the Lackawanna number stamped in the steel work inside of the coach.

  by tomjohn
Thanks all , this helps. As for I have 4 Bachmann N-SCALE passenger cars in front of me 2 are already painted orange and awaiting lettering ...


  by jgallaway81
Pat, do you know why the coaches were scrapped?

Were they in that bad of condition?

If it was just a lack of space, it seems to me that one of the combines would have been a better choice... since it has a smaller seating capacity.

  by BSOR Patarak
It is only a guess on my part. I'm thinking it was some mechanical condition of the car, perhaps wheels or body deterioration that put them out of service. Also, keep in mind that the run around at Curriers was lengthed for 6 coaches and the gon. If they had any more than that on a train, Curriers road would be blocked.

I doubt that any more than 6 were ever pulled anyway. They may have initially been simply stored, and then time got the best of them. I know that one of them had an old style wood window frame. Between this and the ribbed roof, perhap structural deterioration.

I hated to see them cut up, but I guess you have to get the scrap money when you can. Various parts were saved for use on the others though, including two trucks, steps, seat parts and some window hardware. I always thought that one of the shells could have been used as an open air car, somewhat enclosed by just leaving the windows out. Or even have been modified into a better bar/diner type car. That's hind sight though.

Jason, you're right too, it would have made more sense to have kept an extra coach over the combine just to be able to sell more seats in a 6 car lineup.

  by joesbag
The condition issues make sense as the reason for scrapping. I remember a few years back while visiting, seeing two coaches at the enginhouse and both looked in pretty rough shape. Anyone have a timeframe for their disappearence? I'd like to say at least in 2006(?).

  by jgallaway81
Joe, The coaches we are talking about were scrapped in the mid-70's to 80's I beleive, perhaps before that.

Anything you've seen since 1998, would only have been repaired. Since I hired out in 98, nothing was scrapped... the Dunlop fireless cooker and the Warwick were sold off to try to keep the road solvent. However several pieces of MoW equipment have been added as well.

  by BSOR Patarak
310 was cut up in 1985, 308 in 1997.
  by joesbag
Thanks for the information guys