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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by EDM5970
CNJ used to run a consist that had several RDC-1s and one of the 1300 series round roof coaches, buried in the middle. The local name for this consist was the "Sputnik"; I imagine this was back in the late '50s and named after the Soviet satellite. I know the 1300s had Adlake air conditioning by each and every seat, and the lighting load could have been handled by a 64 VDC trainline jumper from the Budds, but how did they heat the car? DID they heat the car, or was this simply a warm weather operation only?
  by ex Budd man
The RDCs used waste heat from the diesels for car heating so they couldn't contribute anything. Perhaps they had oil fired heat from an onboard boiler. I never saw them is service so I'm guessing.
  by EDM5970
I'm still wondering how they heated and lighted the coach. (I know how I would do it today, but that's another story.)

I remember seeing a photo somewhere, and since I haven't found anything online (yet), it must have been in a book or at a show. Someone must have ridden it, shot it or seen the same photo I saw. Anyone?
  by 56-57
I've read somewhere (wish to heck I could recall where) that the Sputnik coach was the 1317.. The Green Mountain folks have a bunch of them, the 17 may be one of theirs.

If you can find who has the 17, you may find an answer.

  by EDM5970
I've been in touch with Green Mountain, and they do in fact have the 1317. I believe the CNJ/LV Color Guide had 1317 listed as the 'Sputnik' car, which later became the first cab car. Scott Whitney at GMRC was kind enough to post a list of ALL the 1300s and dispositions on the NJ Transit forum, cab car thread. I'm still looking for images of 1317 with the Budds, and a little more technical information, though.