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  by dinwitty
apparently an oversized container car hit a bridge, don't they have clearance info?

I recall seeing this video of some train crawling under a bridge and the cars were too tall and scrape scrape they all were getting top shredded.
  by Backshophoss
Chicago is the "land" of LOW bridges,put a pair of "Hi-cube" containers on the same well car and wind up a "little" too high and
a bridge that clears a normal Doublestack will "can-opener" the top "Hi-cube" container.
A "Hi-cube" container on a road chassis is 13'-10" to 14' high,40 to 45 feet long and a pain to move on Chicagoland streets
due to the low bridges(13'-6" and under)
  by justalurker66
Easy enough to break the train to reopen Kensington Interlocking ... is UP shut down? Amtrak Cardinal/Hoosier State?