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  by MikeF
Tadman wrote:I would assume then in towing 1100 like CSS recently did it had to be manually reversed as it is the oldest MU around?
No. I was referring to "really old" electric MU equipment. The Type M (I think that's it) control on the old South Shore cars (including 1100) isolates the motors from the resistors when no power is applied.

The title of "oldest MU around" -- operating, that is -- goes to CA&E 20, preserved at the Fox River Trolley Museum.

  by JLJ061
Ok. I just heard NICTD say at one time they didn't like locomotives hauling passenger motor cars dead-in-tow because it increased the wear on the motors when not pulling their own power.

In any case, it's basically a no-win situation as to how to deal with the passengers of affected trains. Most times they don't want to be either bussed or ride on dead trains... Like railroads just have to wave a magic wand and all maintenance woes would be fixed instantaneously!

  by Tadman
Hey I've been looking for one of those magic wands, let me know if you find any around shops. I'd give them credit for being one of the hardest working and ingenious railroad shops for quite some time.

  by PRRGuy
The CMV went out on the main, westward about 4:30 this morning.