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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Bracdude181
@JohnFromJersey Surprisingly, yes there is. Not all that much though. Two people next the tracks who deal with hazardous materials, two lumber companies. (although one isn’t too close to the tracks) There’s also a waste transfer station nearby, perhaps they could get outbound loads of recyclables?

The largest potential is transloading the seafood processed by Atlantic Cape Fisheries and Lunds Seafood into railcars and shipping it by rail. The two fisheries also get inbound truck loads from Point Pleasant full of whatever they catch there because they don’t have a processing place there.

The problem? Before getting any sort of rail grant to reopen the line for freight, at least two of the aforementioned customers would have to say “Yes we absolutely will deal with the train!” before CMSL can get a grant.

I’ve also heard that, for now at least, getting the Lakehurst-Woodmansie sand trains going is the priority. Although I do have to say that NJSL having to deal with both Conrail and C&D just to get their trains to Oak Island probably isn’t going be efficient or cost effective. Not to mention a highly likely increase in travel time…
  by JohnFromJersey
There's a chance that NJSL could have operating rights with C&D over the FIT and SOUS whenever that deal is done, but I'd imagine that would have to go through NJT/the state first.
  by Bracdude181
Oh g o d. Both of them sharing the line? I don’t see that going well. May as well let NJSL run the whole thing themselves.
  by Bracdude181
@R&DB Clayton owns that portion I know. It’s the “assignment” part that’s really throwing me off here.

Lakehurst is where North Jersey Conrail ends and South Jersey Conrail begins. This is important for a particular reason.

For a long time now, a number of my sources have told me that CSX controls South Jersey, and NS controls North Jersey. Im not 100 percent sure about this, but if it’s true then that may actually explain a lot…

It also raises WAY more questions than it answers…
  by R&DB
Whoever was drawing that map at CSao probably did not know of Clayton's purchase and was working from a 1976 Conrail map. Typical office worker trying to get product done without doing research.
  by R&DB
Bracdude181 » Sun Jun 05, 2022 11:49 am
@R&DB Perhaps. Interestingly enough that portion of track isn’t on the map shown on Conrails website…

I think you just made my point. It is either an old map or copy of an old one.
  by CR7876
It looks like the color is right for Ashland Railway, according to the map legend. That map is much older than 2015, it was just " updated". You can also notice the USRA line codes for each line.

The owners of Conrail do not have any direct control over one area or another. It is true that different terminals of Conrail use a different owners mainframe. CSX mainframe in NJ and NS in SJ and DT. But, There are corresponding Line prefixes and job symbols from either owner in each District. For instance, WPSA31 is L913 for CSX and FM13 for NS. To further complicate things NS and CSX police each have defined areas they are responsible in each district. To say that Lakehurst is the Division point is moot, the two Divisions don't meet there. Midway on the NEC is the only place the two "divisions" come close.
  by Bracdude181
I have seen NS police signs in North Jersey and CSX down south. The other stuff I didn’t know about. Very interesting!
  by Ken W2KB
Some may be interested in the NJ law that allows railroads to have police and the process: "N.J.S.A. 48:3-38. Police for railroad, street railway, canal or steamboat companies
48:3-38. a. On the application of any railroad, street railway, canal or steamboat company the Governor may appoint such persons as the company may designate to act as policemen for the company. The Secretary of State shall issue to each person so appointed a commission, a copy of which shall be filed in the office of the Superintendent of State Police. Each appointee shall pay to the Secretary of State a fee of $25.00 for that commission.

All applications shall, in the first instance, be made to said superintendent. The superintendent shall investigate and determine the character, competency, integrity and fitness of the person or persons designated in the application. Notwithstanding any other provision of law in the case of any railroad, street railway, canal or steamboat company, the operations of which extend from this State to any other, such person or persons need not be residents of the State of New Jersey. If the application is approved by the superintendent, the applicant shall then present the approved application to the Governor.

Every person so appointed and commissioned shall, in the several counties, possess all the powers of policemen and constables in criminal cases of the several municipalities in such counties and shall be compensated by the company.

When on duty, except when employed as a detective, he shall wear in plain view a metallic shield or device with the words "railway police," "canal police" or "steamboat police" as may be appropriate, and the name or style of the company for whom he was appointed inscribed thereon.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, all appointments made prior to the effective date of this enactment which meet the requirements thereof shall be and they hereby are declared to be valid.

When any such company shall file in the offices of the Superintendent of State Police a notice that it no longer requires the service of such policeman, his power as such shall cease and determine.

b. The provisions of subsection a. of this section do not apply to the New Jersey Transit Corporation established by P.L.1979, c.150 (C.27:25-1 et seq.). The executive director of the corporation, through the chief of police of the New Jersey Transit Police Department, may appoint and employ transit police officers under the provisions of section 2 of this 1989 amendatory and supplementary act.

Amended 1951,c.275; 1987,c.435,s.15; 1989,c.291,s.1; 1991,c.386,s.4."
  by Bracdude181
Just curious, when it comes to the railroad, do railroad police have jurisdiction over normal police? Many, MANY years ago both railroad and regular police showed up when either SA31 or SA35 (it was near the time SA35 got abolished) broke down at Route 88 in Lakewood and ended up blocking the road. Lakewood police showed up and demanded the crew move the train but they weren’t able to because their brakes locked up. One officer climbed onto the engine to yell at the crew but was told off (and possibly arrested) when NS Police showed up.
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