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  • Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).
Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).

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  by backroadrails
The C40-8 from Pan Am was returned after sitting at NMJ for almost a month.
  by CN9634
CEFX 1001, 1013 and 1008 have found their way on property over the weekend. They had been on the LS&I for many years and then recently were at CAD in Montreal. Not sure if they are being leased or stored on CMQ.


EDIT: numbers have been updated, hard to tell from this photo
  by Gilbert B Norman
If it weren't for the State of Maine liveried Box and Reefer cars, interchanged throughout the US, who would have ever heard of the Bangor & Aroostock?

To the eyes of a ten yo "latent railfan" (with train-hating parents), this railroad must be as big as the Pennsy.

Now with how those cars put a Class II on the map, how say CMQ livery a cowl locomotive "State of Maine". Obviously, a cowl would have the same "easel" as a Boxcar, but those are "not exactly" of too much relevance nowadays.

Sure would be a nice gesture; and do more to put the memory of Megantic away.
  by GP40MC1118
CBFX 3809 is out of Waycross, Georgia on CSX Q410-05 today for the CMQ

Ex-PRLX, WAMX 3813, HLCX 3627, HATX 113-2nd, CSX 2063, nee-C&O 3863

  by backroadrails
CITX/CEFX SD40-2's 3091 and 3071 have been reactivated after the 1002 and 1006 have contracted some sort of mechanical issues. Both were setoff at Sherbrooke (I am not sure if this is the right town) earlier this week.
  by CN9634
CEFX 1006 went back to CAD, some sort of failure with it. Other locos are down... the railroad is very power short. One wonder's if they can prompt CP the parent company to loan a few locos in the meantime
  by backroadrails
More power is on the way! The following CP power has been spotted at Farnham: CP 9732, 8070, and GP38-2 3057. The 9732 and 8070 from what I can tell are AC4400's.
  by NHV 669
Today's job 2 power is the aforementioned 8070 and 9732 leading 1006, 9014, 9021, and 70 cars out of Farnham. Photo by Frank Jolin, at Eastman:

https://railpictures.net/photo/724489/? ... 6ZkabbDPHo

3057 seen shunting cars on 810 today, photo by Frank Jolin:

https://steelribbon.smugmug.com/Central ... dpgSAQquoU
  by fromway
Any power all the way to SJ? Is there any track rights agreement with NBS?
  by KSmitty
No, no.

Runthru power will almost certainly have to happen if they hope to do SJ-Montreal in 24 hours, but it hasn't happened yet. No trackage rights agreement.
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  by NHV 669
Today's Job 2, presumably another train from Delson, passed by West Bolton at 1327 with two more CP units (GP20C-ECO 2279 and ES44AC 8929) and 78 cars.

Thanks to Frederic Pansini for the trackside sighting on the CMQ FB group.
  by NHV 669
9014, 9023, and 9022 are sitting on the shop track in Farnham, supposedly dead & drained.

Edit: An earlier post from Rails & Ports' Facebook page showing units stored at Derby includes 9020 and 9024, not sure how long they've been sitting there. I forget how many barns that leaves running, but their days are slim.
  by KSmitty
9020 is the Brownville switcher this week. No doubt they are headed for the scrapper sooner than later, but I believe the only 3 down for the count currently are the 3 at Farnham.
  by Shortline614
Apparently two of the now ex-CMQ "Barns" are on the D&H! This is according to the Eastern Canadian Pacific (former Central Maine & Quebec Railfans) Facebook page.
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