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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by BSOR Patarak
The A&A just wrapped up another Blue & Grey Weekend. The re-enactors put on a good show that is for sure. On Saturday, they also put on the 6th coach. It is the first time in almost 12 years that they've been able to add the extra coach. 18 sounded great with the extra load and the little bit of wet rail made for some slippage leaving Curriers...lots of fun!

Here is looking to a great fall!!
  by Benjamin Maggi
That is great! Was it the new K&K coach, or one of the older Boonton ones? Any pictures of the weekend?
  by jgallaway81
Ben, pictures previously have show the K&K coach was relegated to display at the Curriers Depot. While I was in Arcade this past weekend, the car was not in the train nor at the station, so I would hypothesize that it hasn't left the display track.