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  by Jenner
I remember that Union station had the underground taxi stands which were accessible near the Metra trains. I think these were decommissioned after 9/11. I know the ramps come from Clinton street to the stands. Do these taxis stands curve around and continue under Jackson and Adams streets? Or, were taxis supposed to turn around at the stand and continue back up the ramp? One of the diagrams I have seems to suggest that pavement wraps around at the stands, and seems to continue under the streets.

Given that these are no longer used, I was wondering if there is any potentially better uses for the taxi stands and ramps.
  by steve4031
The taxis dropped passengers off on one side, and then lined up on the other side to pick up passengers needing a cab. This sure was convenient to use when it was available. Now cabs drop you off on the street and you have to work your way through the beggars to get to the station.
  by Jenner
I'm a little confused by your answer. By "one side", do you mean that taxis would drop off passengers on the "north" (or south) side, and the opposite (south, north) would pick up passengers?

In order to line up "on the other side to pick up passengers", does this mean that the taxis would transit underneath Jackson->Clinton->Adams to get to the other side?
  by Jenner
Thanks for the diagram. That seems to answer the dropoff and pick-up zones for taxis. Does the "baggage drive" go underneath Clinton street, thereby connecting both sides of the taxi stands?
  by EricL
The "baggage drive" does descend below 'mezzanine level' to the basement, where a "T" intersection connects it with the baggage/employee area before it comes back uphill on the other side. So it might be reasonable to say that cabs went that way after their drop-off (Adams) to get to the other side (Jackson).

I don't believe that this "baggage drive" runs below Clinton Street; just eyeballing it would make it seem like it remains on CUS property. It might be partially underneath the sidewalk, if anything. Anyone who knows for sure, feel free to correct me.

As info, the current basement area is like this: the majority of the area underneath the Great Hall is open and asphalt-paved. It is used variously for deliveries, trash pickup, and excess baggage storage. The actual baggage hold is in a separate (also large and open) room just to the south, which would sit underneath the Jackson entrances/elevator lobby/etc. The north (Adams) end equivalent contains employee locker rooms and facilities. Below the mezzanine/concourse itself sits several things: employee lunchroom, signal equipment rooms, building engineer office, ticket remittance office, commissary, and so on...