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  by CNJGeep
I'm planning on going to see my girlfriend in Milwaukee this November. I'm flying into Midway on Sunday, 11/11 and taking Amtrak 48 back on Weds 11/14. I have some downtime both on Sunday (about three hours) and Wednesday (most of the day). I would like to ride on A)CTA 2200s, and B)METRA Highliners.
Will either of these still be running by November, and if so will either be running on Sunday?
Thanks in advance..
  by doepack
If you're talking about the older highliners on the MED currently slated for replacement, there's normally at least one four car set of that will draw a Sunday assignment, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, getting a ride on 2200s might be trickier; all of the remaining cars in service are assigned to the Blue line, and there's less than 100 left. And that figure could very well be cut in half by the time of your November visit as more 5000s arrive, and if CTA holds firm on its stated goal of having all 2200s retired from service by year's end. So, you're going to likely need a little help from the railfan gods for that part of your trip, and hope fortune smiles on you accordingly. But whatever happens or doesn't, enjoy your visit!
  by byte
The latest news on CTA 2200s indicates you have nothing to worry about. Although a deadline was set to have the cars completely decommissioned and out of revenue service by the end of December, this may be pushed back to next summer as a plethora of cuts on the bus side of the CTA is apparently going to require more railcars to compensate, hence the delay in retirements. Basically you can count on catching 2200s on most daytime 8-car trains, almost always as belly cars. Some solid 8-car sets of 2600s are out there but most Blue line trains are still going to have one or two pairs of 2200s in the middle.

Also, the 2400s are going to be following the 2200s out the door. Might want to sneak a ride on those as well. (2400s are currently piling up on the Red line as 5000s are brought in to replace them on Green. Believe they're still plugging around on Purple too.)
  by Tadman
You should have no trouble riding either. If you're inclined to ride the 2400s, too, they're up north on red and purple.
  by CNJGeep
Thanks so much! I also have basically all afternoon free on the Wednesday, so whatever I don't catch on Sunday, I'll get Wednesday.