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  by gearhead
I am surpised how slow the EL is compared to NYC subways. Even the locals are faster in NYC. With perhaps the exception of the Orange and the Ohare lines what could we do to speed things up? I would close some of the stations that are redundent or too close together. Of course this would be a political problem. But these stations were built before cars and buses.
  by Chicagopcclcars
First lesson to be learned about Chicago...our rapid transit system is called "L"...not EL.
Second lesson....our trains max out at 55 MPH. NYC is not that fast. So what slowness are you referring to?
Third lesson.....skip stop is a way of having express speeds on only two tracks. There was nothing wrong with how it worked. Skip stop does include longer wait times at the "skipped" stations. Chicago's skip stop was eliminated as a budget improvement measure. Fewer trains were scheduled due to financial woes. Running fewer trains extended the headways, and keeping skip stop would have resulted in extreme waits at "skipped" stations. Concurrently with the increase in headway, train length was increased meaning on paper the same number of seats passed in the same amount of time.
David Harrison
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