• Chessie System between Buffalo and Salamanca

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Mattliverpool
Hi everyone! I need some pictures and information on this topic. I am interested in the Chessie System between Buffalo, New York and Salamanca, New York. Anything would help for my book. Derailment photo's, color pictures, newspaper clippings, anything at all!!! The line was first BR&P then the B and O to the Chessie System which end their run in the year 1989. Any discussion would help also. Thank you so very much. :-D

  by BR&P
Check out the several books which already cover that line. Pietrak's book on the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh, Zollitsch's Volume I of the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh In Color, and 2 books by Friese - Train Wreck and Disasters, and another one whose exact title I don't recall but it covers depots all along the BR&P.

And don't forget that it was most recently operated by the Buffalo and Pittsburgh, after Chessie.

  by Mattliverpool
I thought the B and P was operated by the GW Corporation? Thank you for your help. :-) I will look at those books. I remember the Chessie running many mixed trains and alot of coal hops during the week. It is just so hard to find any infomation on the topic. I can remember from my childhood watching the trains go by in Blasdell, New York.

  by Otto Vondrak
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh was purchased by the B&O in 1932. B&O operated these lines through to 1985, when they spun off the former BR&P lines to Genesee & Wyoming Industries. GWI operated the lines out of Rochester as the Rochester & Southern, and the lines out of Buffalo as the Buffalo & Pittsburgh.

Check out this book:

Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Volume 1: New York
by Mike Zollitsch



  by Railroaded
Do a search on this board under B&P or Orchard Park, there's TONS of info on here from the disscussions over the last year or two.

-B in B

  by Dieter

I remember 30 years ago frequently hearing on local radio news this kind of header; "Two Chessie System employees were arrested late last night after a drunken brawl at......"

It was strange because Chessie System only had one line running into the Rochester area and of all the railway employees in the area, you only heard about CHESSIE SYSTEM people being hauled off regularly by the police!

I used to think if it wasn't the same two guys all the time, that this crew must be a lot of FUN to be around!! :wink: