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  by NeoArashi
Me and my GF are going to Halifax this summer ( I only need my confirnation for vacation dates, then all will be set, I will book the train, etc...) . However, this time, I want to do the whole thing. ( I only had the Charny - Halifax portion done before.... though I know the Montreal Charny Portion is based on the Montreal Quebec line) So I decided to leave very early in the morning from Quebec City to Montreal and spend the day there ( which is something we do pretty often when we take the train)

We should be going to Halifax around 6-9 days, depending on train schedule and budget so we are going to check quite a bit of luggage. I know about the policies (extra fees and all that). But upon arriving in Montreal, can we check our bags for Halifax at say... 8:40 AM if the Halifax train only leave at 6 PM? I don't want to bring 9 days worth of luggage during my day trip to montreal =P
  by marquisofmississauga
VIA has recently imposed a charge of $6 per bag for baggage checked more than three hours before train departure. Most of the new charges for carry-on and checked baggage are reasonable in my opinion, but this one is a bit much.

Your "cabin baggage" can be given to a red cap - or station services agent/attendant, whatever they are now called - instead of checking it at the baggage room. The tip could be less that $6 per bag storage charge.

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  by NeoArashi
6 bucks? That's BS. Oh well. We decided to extend our trip in favor to an extra train trip. We are going to stay 10 nights in Halifax. This will be my longest trip ever ( not counting trips for summer jobs.)