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  by M1 9147
The blue striped coaches maintained the original Metro North Numbers, however the names changed (61xx) except the 2 Shoreliner Cabs (Comet 2S) #'s 5173 (6113 "Clearwater") and 5174 (6119 "Sugar Maple"). The Comet 2 cars with the black stripe were original coaches delivered for West of Hudson Metro North Services, and numbered in the upper 5000 series except for the cab cars which were numbered 5175, and 5176. The blue striped ones were originally delivered in 1985 to Metro North for East of Hudson service, and were renamed from Shoreliner 1 into Comet 2S. Hope this helps.
  by oibu
Reviving an old topic here but it seems like there are people on this topic with reliable detailed info on such things. Would anyone know when the (first?) blue-band cars entered WOH service (did they all come at the same time?)? Were there ever any blue-band cab cars besides 5173 and 5174 in WOH service? As best I can tell from my photos the blue band cars started to appear WOH somewhere around the mid-90s, and I have pics where blue-band cab cars are visible but cannot read the number or names due to angles/distances/etc. Just took cars for granted in those days so never went out of my way to get photots of them, so my coverage of the cars was pretty much incidental, whatever happened to be visible in a loco or location/scenic shot.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light!
  by R36 Combine Coach
16 Comet IIA and IIBs were built in 1983 and 1987 respectively for WOH service. The Comet IIA (an add-on
to NJT's 117 car Comet II order) had three cabs and eight coaches. The Comet IIBs were delivered in spring
1987, ahead of the NJT cars in 1988, with one cab and four coaches.

Full roster here (see page 56)

In addition, there were eight Comet I-As assembled from leftover Canadian Vickers/AVCO Arrow III shells
in early 1978, with two cabs (5198, 5199) and six coaches (5994-5999). These were replaced by the MNCR
Comet V fleet in 2004 and scrapped at Frontier.
  by oibu
R36, thanks for your response. However the info I was seeking is the former east of Hudson cars that were transferred to WOH service, specifically when during the '90s the transfer(s) was made, and whether any WOH cab cars (either the original WOH Comets or cars later transferred from EOH) ever had the light blue band besides 5173 and 5174. Can you shed any light on those details? There is info elsewhere on RR.net about what specific cars came over (which I "assume" to be a complete list, for lack of any info to suggest it isn't) but I have not been able to find anything that pins down when the former EOH cars came (or started to come) over to WOH beyond somewhere ca. mid-1990s. Likewise, I have no info to suggest that any light blue cab cars existed in WOH service besides the 5173/74 but would be interested to know if someone knows otherwise or can confirm those to be the only two. Thanks!