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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by R36 Combine Coach
Falmouth Secondary to Otis wrote: Sun May 10, 2020 12:05 pm Cape Flyer service to resume on June 26
Any word if restrictions will be in place such as a maximum number passengers a car and if masks are required?
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
I haven't read or heard yet of what restrictions will be in place when the Cape Flyer resumes, but I would think it would be a uniform policy applied to all Passenger Rail operations in the Commonwealth. They will probably wait until it gets close to the start up date and then announce it, as the overall health restrictions are ever changing. Will be curious to see what will happen to all the different scenic rail operations through out the state as well.
  by BandA
Remind me, who provides & staffs the cafe car? Wonder if cafe will be allowed.

Someone asked above about masks, I think they should REQUIRE masks on all public transportation until a vaccine is available.
  by trainhq
I've ridden it before; it's more than 2 hours each way. I dunno, doesn't sound like
a fun way to ride down to the cape, with a mask on the whole way. Don't know how
well this is going to do.
  by diburning
Safetee wrote: Sun May 10, 2020 6:23 pm I'm just curious. What exactly is the role of the Mass Coastal within the context of its' contract with Mass DOT?
Mass Coastal is contracted to operate the Cape trash trains for the state of Massachusetts. It is also contracted to dispatch the Cape Main. Should anything happen to Mass Coastal, Keolis can take over dispatching, and the trash train contract will be put out for bid to find another operator.
BandA wrote: Tue May 12, 2020 3:10 pm Remind me, who provides & staffs the cafe car? Wonder if cafe will be allowed.
For the past few years, it has been contracted to Blonde On The Run Catering.
  by CRail
Mass Coastal has a thread here. Further discussion not pertaining to the Cape Flyer will be removed.
  by GP40MC1118
Watched it roll into Wareham Friday night about 10-12 minutes late. 2013-6 coaches-1136. They reported 6 on and 0 off there. Also radioed they had a total of 83 passengers. Two coaches in the consist - 520 & 533 were decaled for Southcoast Rail.

  by daybeers
Honestly 83 sounds pretty good to me in a pandemic!
  by Maverickstation1
Any word on how The Cape Flyer has been doing, ridership wise, this season ?

The Cape and The Islands have been having a banner season since the 4th of July Weekend, in part due to many rediscovering the Cape, since at this point Maine still does not want those of us from Massachusetts visiting.

Yesterday (8/1) we took a day trip from Boston and Coast Guard Beach, we leave early enough to avoid major traffic, and on the way home (around 3:00 PM), it was no exaggeration to say that Cape bound traffic was backed up not only along Route 6, but on Route 3, almost as far as Hull. We sailed along going the other way, but clearly you had thousands heading to the Cape and Islands for the week.

  by MickD
Keep in mind when it comes to numbers this year
there is only CCRTA connecting bus service from Hyannis down Cape
No P & B and no Peter Pan..and beyond Orleans you either have to transfer
to The Flex..You can also transfer at Shaw's in Harwich...
but to PTown the trip takes 3 hours either/or..
So unless you're staying in Hyannis/Yarmouth/Dennis area
if you don't drive, travel from Hyannis east is severely restricted..
and as busy as it is here this weekend on time performance
for CCRTA buses isn't likely to be good..
  by wicked
Peter Pan is running a limited number of trips daily from South Station to Hyannis. There are also the P-Town ferries from Boston and Plymouth.

Back on topic: Ridership numbers are usually posted each day on the Cape Cod Railfans group on Facebook. I don't remember specific numbers from past seasons, but it does not seem like it's increased. Wearing a mask inside a train for 2.5 hours doesn't appeal to some people.
  by Rbts Stn
Some useless info, but we drove to the Cape on Sunday for some time away from home and parked at Bourne station early to walk along the canal. As we got back to the parking lot the CCRTA bus and a cab showed up to meet the Hyannis bound train, so we hung out as I've never seen the railroad bridge lowered. Train crossed about 10-15 minutes late (cabby kept getting out and checking it and shaking his head), and the train arrived at Bourne minutes later. 4 or 5 people got out of the one car that had doors opened on it, although we could see heads in further back cars.
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