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  by labaienordique
I was wondering how come there are so few stops between Capréol & Toronto on the Canadien:

Granted, there aren't many large communities in between but there are a few tiny towns that are along or very close to the CN, CP or both lines:

- Ardbeg
- McDougall
- Torrance

- Alban (Rivière-des-Français)
- Britt
- Estaire
- Nobel
- Pointe-au-baril

Both CN & CP
- Bala
- Foot's Bay / Mactier

Just seems curious that these fairly remote towns are bypassed completely, yet north of Capréol, the train stops at seasonal campsites or even an unmarked area. I've also wondered why neither the Northlander nor the Canadien make any stops between Washago & Toronto (particularly Richmond Hill & Beaverton, etc.). Just seems like a wasted opportunity to attract new ridership despite the train already passing through the area(s).