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  by briann
End-to-end, the new schedule is not too bad, with many trains arriving in Toronto or Vancouver on-time or early. Intermediate trips are much less predictable and therefore unreliable. The big problems seems to be between Winnipeg and Jasper, where CN can turn an on-time Canadian into an hours-late Canadian. Worst example was a 17-hr late eastbound into Toronto a couple of weeks ago (as noted in the cited article).

As I type this, #1 (10/13) is 55min late heading to Boston Bar; #1 (10/16) is 15min late heading to Oba; and #2 (10/16) is 36min late heading to Hinton.
  by marquisofmississauga
This morning (Saturday the 20th) two of the three "Canadians" were just a few minutes late and the third one arrived in Toronto two hours early.