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  by Tadman
I'm booked on the Starlight out of SJC to LA in a few Sundays. It has a 9:55a-10:07a layover in SJC. Caltrain's first train of the day is scheduled to arrive SJC at 9:51a, 16 minutes ahead of Amtrak 11's departure.

How much can I trust Caltrain to make this connection work? It's a 16 minute connection contingent on a Sunday AM commuter train, which is probably half-empty, so it sounds good, but if Caltrain has a hard time keeping this schedule, I'll get a taxi. Thoughts?
  by kaitoku
Caltrain should be alright, barring a grade crossing accident or the like. It's the Starlight I'd be concerned about. The southbound run can be very late. You won't miss the train, but you may have a long wait at San Jose Diridon.
  by Fan Railer
Well, I will say that from my two week experience with the system during my recent (last 3 weeks) visit, Caltrain weekday service is more reliable than its weekend service. Weekend service averages around 15-20 minutes late consistently. Weekdays are, I would say, 80% on time.
  by ExCon90
Maybe your best bet would be to call Julie before breakfast and see how the Starlight is doing.
  by Tadman
I like the way you're thinking. Too bad Julie has massive ADD...
  by Patrick Boylan
What's especially frustrating is when she can't hear things that you could better do punching numbers. "Say yes or no" usually will accept pressing telephone numbers 1 or 2, but many times like this Julie doesn't respond properly to either voice or touchpad.

In her defense, there are other robots besides Julie who also have hearing problems.
  by ExCon90
. . . so it isn't just me. I was sure I've been speaking distinctly.