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  by modorney
Say, anybody out there driving for Caltrain? On Saturday and Sunday, the south bound Caltrain leaves Millbrae at 24 minutes past the hour (lots of runs start at King Street on the hour).

BART arrives at 21 past the hour. But three minutes is not enough time to transfer. This is weekend traffic, not commuters who already have tickets, etc.

Can Caltrain either reverse run, and meet BART as a cross platform transfer? It's hard to reverse run weekdays, but weekends might be easier?

Can Caltrain wait a minute or two, if they see BART come in?

How much slack is there in Caltrain's schedule? Will 2 minutes be made up??

  by lensovet
while i'm not a driver, as far as i know, there's absolutely no coordination between caltrain and bart at millbrae – the transfer is not timed at all (unlike, say, weekend BART transfers at MacArthur).

keep in mind that BART service will change next year anyway...