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  by Tadman
Recently I was looking at old pics of mine from a 2012 trip to SFO. The Caltrain terminal is a bit like an open air station, just some platforms and a modest head-house with basic coffee shops and ticket windows.

Given the price of real estate in town, have they ever considered building a Transit-oriented development there? You could build a gradiose headhouse with plenty of residential and retail outlets making money for the authority.

But perhaps those plans exist already.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Had been a SP commuter terminal in the past. Much simpler than Hoboken, Ogilvie or LaSalle.
  by Gilbert B Norman
"Once upon a time in 'wine country'":

https://webbie1.sfpl.org/multimedia/sfp ... D-6016.jpg

The linked photo is the former SP Station at 3rd and Townsend. I boarded the "Coast Daylight" there during '62 and "The Lark" during '63.

I haven't been in San Francisco now over thirty yesrs, but I understand I wouldn't begin to recognize that "below Market" area if I were.
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  by frank754
The used to be much grander depot at 3rd & Townsend, classic architecture, that was torn down in the early 70's, and they moved to a new station one block up