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  by doepack
While out railfanning today (4/6) at Western Ave, I saw cabs 8447 and 8449 on seperate MDN West line trains. Loaners from UP?

Also, it's still cab car heaven on the Milw/NCS lines. Due to several partial 3 or 4 consists stored midday at CUS, many rush hour trains will understandably have two or even three 8500's in the consist. But that still doesn't explain the 5-car NCS train that still runs with three 8500's in its consist, same as it always has, even before the expansion. Can't quite understand why they'd need the two UP 8400's (unless they're going to permanently assign them there) if they're still running 5 car trains with three cab cars...

  by AMTK84
8449 has been on MILW for a while; this is the first I've heard about 8447. Did eather have new horns?

  by c604.
To AMTK84: Yes new horns were installed. The K5LA on each car was taken off and in its place are five A200's. :-D :wink:

  by AMTK84
Oh really? I had just heard that Metra put in an order for 200 RS5T's brand new from Leslie.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
8449 was the last car to have both the Ladders and (full) K5LA.

  by AMTK84
We were making an inside joke...8447 and 8449 still have K5LA's but not in the best condition.