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  by AArnett
Of the current NICTD stations (Hegewisch to South Bend), which has the highest passenger boarding/disembarking?

I know that Hegewisch USED to be NICTD's busiest station. However, it seems like East Chicago may have passed Hegewisch, so I wonder if it has.

So, in order from busiest to least busy, what is South Shore's busiest station on the NICTD like (Randolph to Kensington excluded, therefore only including Hegewisch to South Bend)?

My guess (Am I right? Close?):

1. East Chicago.
2. Hegewisch.
3. Hammond.
4. Dune Park.
5. Gary Metro.
6. Miller.
7. Carroll Ave.
8. South Bend.*
9. 11th St.
10. Odgen Dunes.
11. Clark Rd.
12. Beverly Shores.
13. Hudson Lake.

* I think South Bend gets more boardings than Carroll Ave., and perhaps Gary Metro and Miller on the trains that start/end in South Bend.


  by dinwitty
by theory, obviously, the SS heaviest filled cars are between gary/chicago. But the train filling grows as you go west, and empties as you go east.

The most used stations would be between Gary and Chicago with more trains between them.

Any guess would be an opinion, but I give EC top use.

All others could vary on useage between week day and weekend.
Weekend and Holiday may see more travelers than commuters so other stations could pick up in use.

It would be interesting to see a graph of station useage during the day/week.

  by PRRGuy
On the trains I work I'll have to agree East Chicago does have quite a bit of traffic now. I only go as far as Gary so I'm not sure what South bend has but When I worked out of the shops Dune Park had quite a bit of people getting on..at least the train I was on.

  by Tadman
I've read before that Hegewisch is #1, and EC is #1 in Indiana. After that, Hammond, DP, Metro Center are likely the biggest.

I know Metro Center is due for some high platforms, but it would probably be better if they moved the station to the intersection of US-12 and I-65 - that way commuters coming from Valpo and Merrilville have an easily accesible station. Also, they could knock down that crummy old hotel and put a parking lot there.

  by PRRGuy
The Gary metro station needs to be completely rebuilt...however NICTD doesn't own it, the city does. Thats about the only reason that we havent rebuilt it.
They really need to shore up the platform foundations and just re-do the whole thing. The section of platform thats on the bridge over Broadway is starting to sink..The city's solution? Rope it off and then add more cement to the top to even it out.

  by AArnett
I think the Weekday/Weekend difference is key.

We know that Hegewisch and East Chicago are the busiest stations on the South Shore on weekdays with Dune Park being the next busiest and Gary Metro. (The weekday trains I ride on seem to have more people getting off at Miller than Gary Metro, but I could be mistaken, and I do know that many weekday trains terminate in Gary.)

Now, weekends seem to have more travelers and tourists than commuters and they travel longer distances, and all trains go to at least Michigan City with most trains going to South Bend. Therefore, the further East stations get busier. It seems like perhaps, on weekends, South Bend, Carroll Ave., and Dune Park might be the busiest stations on the weekends.

So, what are South Shores busiest stations on the WEEKENDS? I would think East Chicago would still get some boardings, and Gary Metro might still be busy (Gary Metro, like South Bend, also seems as much of traveler/tourist/reverse commuter station than a commuter station), but stations like Hegewisch and Hammond would be deader on the Weekends. But, from what hear, Dune Park, Carroll Ave., and South Bend are actually South Shore's busiest stations on the Weekends: Is this true?


  by PRRGuy
Yes, I would say for sure that the South Bend Airport, Dune Park, and the Carroll Ave stop are the 3 busiest stops on the weekends.