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  by Robin
Any statistics of commuters per day (weekday), week, month, year for metra stations? For example, BNSF line's station: Aurora, Rt59, Naperville, Lisle? Thansks.

  by tobuadantoq
Route 59 is the busiest station, Naperville, Downers Grove Main Street, Lisle, then either Aurora or Belmont follows.


  by doepack
I would recommend:


To access the data, you'll have to create an account with your email address. (Don't worry, they won't spam you). Be advised the site is a little outdated, having last been updated in 2002, but it has specific statistical breakdowns that should provide what you're looking for as a general overview...

Everyone: Want METRA statistics of any type? Just go in METRAs own website METRARAIL.COM and look for 2007 BUDGET. There you will find a wealth of information about METRA. It is about 50 pages or thereabouts. I printed a copy for the NRHS National collection this past week on our color copier/printer thru PDF and it came out fine. Metra's ON THE BI-LEVEL is also available as a PDF print under PASSENGER NEWSLETTER. Believe me,way more info on METRA is available in that 2007 Budget book than just bean counter stuff! Take a look and see! MACTRAXX

  by Robin
Thanks everyone. I think the website http://www.rtams.org pointed out by Dorian is very useful, although the latest statistics is of year 2002. It's easy to see that BNSF is the busiest Metra line. Since there is no single table to show boarding statistics for each station, I browsed web pages for some stations and am inclined to believe that Rt59 station on BNSF line is the busiest Metra station. Anyone knows of an official ordering?

  by metraRI
I have not been able to find a list of the busiest stations, but the top 5... in 2002, were in this order:

1. Route 59 - 5,001
2. Naperville - 3,734
3. Arlington Heights - 2,496
4. Downers Grove, Main - 2,371
5. Tinley Park 80th Ave. - 2,297

Clicking here will bring you to a table for ridership on each line.