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  by orangeline
Earlier in the week I was killing time at the La Grange Road station waiting for my wife to pick me up when an outbound Metra train stopped to discharge passengers. I was on the inbound platform watching the train when suddenly I noticed on the name board over the doors of car 712 the word "BURLINGTON" showing in that distinctive lettering. I realize it was a trick of the light, but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless!

Having moved to IL from the East in the early '90s I wasn't around to see pre-BN locomotives or passenger cars, unless they were in a museum or a book, so for me it was a treat.
  by Amtrak31
Awesome! Great catch!
  by Tony T.
If you have not made the trip yet, be sure you plan a weekend for it.

A pair of E9's from BN commuter service have recently arrived (still wearing the BN green from that service, but with their most recent owner's "crest" on the cab sides).

Personally, I can't wait to see one of the former C&NW F units repainted from the RTA colors to traditional yellow and green to match the 3 bi-levels they have.

http://www.irm.org/ in case you have not seen it yet.


  by MetraF40C607
Just so you know, 308 is prolly going buh-bye in exchange for anothe unit. 305 is going to be repainted into C&NW colors with it's original C&NW number.
  by Tony T.
I didn't know about 308. Do you have any details on where it is going and what the IRM gets in return?

Couple years ago I was thrilled to get a cab ride in one of them while it was used to empty yard 5 in preparation for the black top contractor. I don't remember which unit, but I think they were both running at the time.

  by byte
Tony T. wrote:A pair of E9's from BN commuter service have recently arrived (still wearing the BN green from that service, but with their most recent owner's "crest" on the cab sides).TT
That's pretty cool. Who was the most recent owner of them, and if you know, what kind of shape are they in? The only company I know of that only did a partial repaint was MARC, and having seen a picture of their now-retired units in recent times, they looked to be in sorry shape.

  by Tony T.
I don't know the mechanical condition, but according to this post:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... sc&start=0

they may become donors for other units. They look pretty good, considering. Even still carry the blaze orange nose stripes.


  by c604.
Well they do have some major components removed. The HEP engines have been removed from both of them. The main generator for the number two engine on the 67 (I think that's the one) is gone. Lots of other little stuff like the firemans side cab window plated over with metal on the 67, light bulbs missing, rear door on the 68 missing its glass, the bell removed on the 67, etc. But all in all though they are still very nice units.
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  by Tony T.
Diesel days and the Vintage Transportation Extravaganza are my favorite 2 events out there! If any free time presents itself, I'll have to go this weekend.

If anyone here makes it out to the VTE, look for a orange '72 Dodge Demon sitting next to a black '86 Chrysler Laser - that will be me and my brother!


  by MetraF40C607
Hey guys. As a diesel department volunteer, I encourage you all to come out this weekend and enjoy some time at the IRM. As always, we will have the infamous parade of trains. This is where all of the operable units will back down to the end of the main, pull up the station and stop. A description on the equipment is given, and then the train blasts off down the mainline.