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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by SteveD5344
My Dad and I are live steamers. I know joe through my dad but we havent seen him in a few years. He belongs to a different live steam club than us and doesnt attend any of our meetings anymore. I believe he is a member of Niaraga Frontier Live Steamers which is in Eden,NY. we belong to tondawonda creek model engineers in Ahmerst, ny.

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am still looking for accurate plans for either engine, if anyone has them. My attempts to contact Joe Tanski has proved fruitless. I want to get working on some projects in two different scales, but am hoping someone has plans out there hidden in a folder, or buried in a desk, or something.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Second Verse, same as the first.

Anyone know of anything like elevation drawings, builder's drawings, repair drawings, etc. for either engine?