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  by njtmnrrbuff
Hello All,
This summer, between Aug 18th and Aug 27th, I'm going to be in Quebec and Ontario. I'm going to be riding and railfanning via rail, and am wondering what corridor trains would I stand a high chance of seeing the Budds operate on. Thanks.
  by buddah
Hello friend....It depends on where your riding to in the corridor Mostly from my experience Windsor-Toronto-Montreal If you pick a train that has checked baggage service you will get Budd equipment however now more recently renaissance equipment has been uses also for Toronto-Ottawa & Toronto- Montreal with baggage service. I have not seen or heard of the renaissance equipment running from Toronto-London-Windsor, so if its a checked baggage train its more than likely Budd cars, if theres no baggage service then its usually LRC's. Also Toronto-london- Sarnia usually runs Budd cars but on occasion has run LRC's. Finally Toronto -N.Falls has a colorful mix of all 3 rolling stocks at any given time as well so thats a chance game.
  by njtmnrrbuff
I'm going to ride all of the corridor routes east of Toronto. The only one west will be the one to Niagara Falls, and it will be on Amtrak.
  by Ken V
In the corridor east of Toronto, the only trains that will reliably have Budd equipment are #57 and 60. Other trains that frequently have these cars are 49, 68/668, 69, and 635, which will usually have Budd consists 4 or 5 days a week. Other trains may have a Budd consist from time to time, and there is the occasional one added to an otherwise all LRC train. Budd cars are quite rare on the Montreal-Quebec City route (except for 16/17, the Gaspe train).