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  by R36 Combine Coach
Allen Hazen wrote: Mon May 04, 2020 11:00 pm Not sure if they're still running, but didn't VIA have a whole fleet of sleeping (and maybe other type) cars that the had bought from British Rail?
Known as "Renaissance" fleet, built by Metro-Cammell 1995-1996 for a stillborn premium sleeper service, VIA purchased the shells in 2000 and accepted the cars in 2002.
RRspatch wrote: Wed May 06, 2020 2:42 am In the early 90's two European high speed train-sets were tested on the NEC. One was a Deutsche Bahn (DB) ICE 1 train-set and the other was an SJ X2000 train-set. The German ICE train used the German philosophy of MORE POWER to accelerate out of curves faster while the SJ X2000 had an active tilt system. The train that resulted (the ACELA 1) was a combination of the two.

The original Toronto subway cars were built in the UK.
Acela was TGV based (BBD/Alstom). The first TTC cars (1953-1955) were Gloucesters in bright red.
Pensyfan19 wrote: Tue May 05, 2020 11:44 am There is also the British Leyland Pacer Railbus which tested on SEPTA, MBTA, and even Amtrak for the Northeast Corridor. This railbus is currently preserved at the Connecticut Trolley Museum.
This also made a brief visit to Cleveland, running in Shaker Heights service.
  by RandallW
The ALP-45DPs and ALP-46s were both built by Alstom/Bombardier in Kassel Germany, and the Desiros used by the San Diego Sprinter service were also built by Siemens in Krefeld Germany (I could be wrong about the city).
  by R36 Combine Coach
ALPs have final assembly in Kassel, car body in Wroclaw.