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This forum is for discussion of "Fallen Flag" roads not otherwise provided with a specific forum. Fallen Flags are roads that no longer operate, went bankrupt, or were acquired or merged out of existence.

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  by ted_roy
Isn't there a Eastern Mass Car in operation condition that could be sent to swapped into Lowell? Can Lowell support more than one car? It would be a great place to make a very Boston centric mini-collection.

  by BandM4266
ted_roy wrote:Isn't there a Eastern Mass Car in operation condition that could be sent to swapped into Lowell? Can Lowell support more than one car? It would be a great place to make a very Boston centric mini-collection.

Seashore has EM 7005 although she is a long way from operating condition. You would need Railroad Profiled wheels as the Lowell Operation operates on a Former Railroad Trackage and not Streetcar trackage.
  by ted_roy

Going back to a question that slipped under the radar, what was the color scheme of the B & W Freight equipment. I understand that the passenger cars were either maroon and cream with a gray roof, or green and white with a gray roof.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,

  by Luigia
HELP, Can anyone tell me how to find out the stops the old Boston&Worechester Railway made from Framingham to Boston MA on RT 9? I know the Railway was changed into bus routes in 1952, I went on that bus into Boston from Framingham to a Catholic school when I was in the 2nd grade. I remember the driver had a uniform and a captain's cap and the bus made some stops, somewhere there has to be detailed archives of where the bus/railway stopped. Somewhere on RT 9 I went to a school and I'm sure it was in Boston and must have been close to the bus stop, the bus picked me up on Winter St. Framingham next to the Carlyle House. There were no kids on the bus and I am sure it was this bus line, can anyone help me so I can finally put this to rest? I'm assuming the bus routes where the same as the railway. The school year was 1952/53.......Thanks so much


  by Luigia
BaltOhio wrote:If anyone is interested in more detail on the B&W bus operations, the latest ("October-December 2004") issue of Motor Coach Age has a complete history of the company, its routes, its equipment, and the various successor operators on its old routes. It also has a very brief background history of the trolley operation. (Motor Coach Age is published by the Motor Bus Society, P.O.Box 261, Paramus, NJ 07653.)
Is there anyway to contact them other than snail mail? I need to buy this magazine as I am trying to locate the grade school I went to in the 2nd grade. This bus picked me up on Winter St. in Framingham and took RT 9 into Boston in 1952/53 to a catholic school, I sat behind the bus driver and he wore a uniform and a captain's cap. The bus brought me home, I'm sure the school must have been very close to the bus stop in Boston and I am trying to locate the school as my records do not have a school listed. It's one of those mysteries in life you have to solve and no one is alive that can remember anything they only know I went to school in Boston but that's it.
Thank You to whomever can help me solve this mystery or tell me how to find the information that can. Luigia
  by edbear
My father drove for the B & W 1946-58 and I sometimes got a chance to ride along. I think you are looking in the wrong place. Lots of parishes had parochial schools in 1952, even in Framingham. If you had to take a bus along Route 9 it sounds like you went to something other than a parish school. The Motor Coach Age article probably won't help you. I already have it and the map is not very well detailed. In Wellesley Hills, right on the bus line, there used to be the Academy of the Assumption, which was a Catholic School not affiliated with any parish and a step above a parochial school. It closed some years ago, but the buildings are still there and are a part of Mass. Bay Community College. If you try searching out Boston Catholic schools in the net, you'll probably just get the ones that are currently open.....none today are anywhere near the bus route into Boston.
  by Luigia
Thank You but I went to a catholic school and wore a uniform, I did not go to school in Framingham my sister went to Kindergarten at St. Stevens and they sent me to Boston to school on I believe that bus line. Somewhere on that route must be the school, there were no children on the bus and I sat behind the bus driver as I was only seven. I can remember people commenting on the fact I was alone and so small. Is there anyway I can find out the stops this bus made and the exact location? The nun at the school would go with me to the stop the first few times to go home then I went alone so it must have been close. This was only one school year 1952/53.
If it was not that bus then do you know any other bus it might have been? Thank you so much would you be willing to talk to me it is so important than I solve this?
  by Luigia
I know this sounds really strange but I remember one day getting on the bus and as I was going to sit right behind the bus driver in my usual spot there was a boy sitting in my spot and it startled me and I didn't know what to do. The bus driver motioned to me it was "OK" and to sit next to him. I think I remember he had brown hair and wore a jacket, we did not speak I remember he looked straight ahead the whole time. How old would you have been or what grade would you have been in 1952/53? I only remember this event one time but I guess it could have been more. I suppose it could have been another bus line with another bus driver's kid going along too................somewhere on a bus route from Framingham into Boston there was a Catholic grade school that was close to a bus stop. Thank You
  by Luigia
I have finally discovered I went to St. Joseph's School Hulbert St. in Roxbury, MA in the 2nd grade in the 1952/53 school year. Would anyone out there know what bus route would have taken me to that school? It was on Hulbert St. right off of Washington St. it most likely was Rt 9 from Framingham or the Turnpike. The bus lines I have found running at that time from Framingham into Boston were the B&W and the Wellesley Motor Coach. Does anyone know how I can pinpoint which bus line and the stop at that time? I know it seems like a long way for a seven year old alone but is a fact and extremely important I can solve this part of the mystery. Thank you so much for any help, maybe a retired driver could shed some light?????
  by Leo Sullivan
St. Joseph's Circuit St. as it is known though, the Hulbert St. address is also correct,
is a few blocks south of Dudley Terminal, off Washington St.
There has never been any transit service from Framingham to that part of Roxbury.
The B&W, which is the only line that came all the way in to Boston, went in Huntington Ave.
or in Columbus Ave. You would have to change to an MTA Allston-Dudley bus and get off
at Dudley and Wash for a short walk. That's reasonable but, does require a change.
The only Catholic Grammer school near the B&W was Mission Church Grammer School
and that isn't it.
The Archdiocese of Boston website has a number for St. Joseph's
  by Luigia
Could it have been the Wellsley Motor Coach? I went to that school did not change buses (at least do not remember changing) I guess that would be possible. The bus driver always looked out for me, this was 1952/53 how else could I have got to school? The stop was up a street from the school back then that had to have been a main way into Boston. I checked records for the Mission School and did not go there it was St. Joseph's so a bus had to have gone close to that school. Thank You so much for your reply.
  by 3rdrail
Hi Luiga. I was trying to visualize in my head what a likely route would be and I believe that coming in to the Washington Park area from Rte 9 might also bring you through Brookline to Perkins to Centre to Dudley or Columbus to Washington. You were probably dropped off on Circuit or Regent St. To me, this sounds more like a charter, possibly by a group of Catholic schools, to bring kids down to their respective schools. I think that the fact that you were dropped a block or so away from your school is telling, as is a bus coming from Metro-West but making city stop(s). Do you remember what color scheme the bus wore ? What was the make-up of passengers ? Mostly kids, a mix, or mostly adult ?
  by Luigia
Hi again and thank you so much for your time in helping me solve this. I remember the driver wore a uniform with a captains cap, there were adults on the bus. I lived at the time on Winter st. next to the Carlyle House in Framingham and the bus would pick up people from there too. Only once in awhile I think there were kids on the bus and it seemed like an adult was with them, but, being so young who knows. Regent St. would have been right where the convent was and I think I remember crossing across to get to the school. So, they had Charter Buses back then? How could one research this, is there any way to get old bus schedules? I do not remember what the buses looked like, unfortunately. I do remember getting very sleepy sometimes so it must have been a fairly long ride for me. I just would like to know what bus line it was for sure. I remember the first time I went to the stop alone after school I was pretty scared but the bus driver knew my name so I got on. Looking back I think I owe them a lot for making me feel safe, can't imagine a kid doing it today.......When I called the MTA they only had records back 40 years. The school that is operating at St. Joseph now is no way related to the old one so doubt anyone would know anything from so far back. Luigia
  by 3rdrail
Does scarlet red bottom with creme colored top sound familiar ? That would be B & W and I'm wondering if you might have been on a regular B&W run which was designed to serve multiple destinations in Boston from your neck of the woods. To my knowledge, there's no remnant of B&W now, however I would suggest checking with the Boston Archdiocese to see if they have records of bus service to your school. If this is high priority, which it seems to be, a good, qualified hypnotist might bring out a lot of detail from you.
  by Luigia
Thanks again, I just found a replica antique map of the MTA for Boston in 1952 and it shows the bus routes and it looks like just about how you said I would have made it there. It shows the stop right close to the school on Washington, I'll be able to see more detail when the map arrives. THANK YOU, finally this mystery is SOLVED and I am vindicated as no one would believe a seven year old did this alone!!!!