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  by MetraRy
they are hardley ever used anymore. I cant say never because i have seen them on certain trains displaying the right information. Most of the time, if they are even on the cab alltogther, they are the wrong train time.

  by metraRI
I wonder why they were even used in the first place, and who started using them...CB&Q or BN/Metra. I have them on video still being used on a regular basis in summer '02.

  by MetraBNSF
They aren't used anymore, as MetraRy said. But late last year I saw them on the trains departing at 4:02, 4:28, and 5:48.

  by MetraRy
kyle- i did some research and found a pic from august 24, 1974 in the book "windy city to the twin cites- a burlington color pictorial" that shows cab cars in the yard. the cabs have the time departure boards on them... so now we know it goes back atleast to then