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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by Benjamin Maggi
From their website (Under "Special Events")

"Come to Arcade, New York to take part in a unique Civil War reenactment. For two days in August, the Arcade & Attica Railroad is under siege, as Union and Confederate forces try to gain control of the steam locomotive and cars filled with passengers. Reenactors interact with spectators, up close and personal, and everybody is part of the action.

The raiders stop the train, take control while fighting the opposition, and divert the steaming locomotive down an alternate route. Skirmishes occur forcing them to retrace their route to find another way to go. Interacting between soldiers and passengers is encouraged and often unavoidable. Everyone goes back in time at this event!

There are five runs for the weekend (Sat: 10:30am, 1:00pm, and 3:30pm - Sunday: 11:30am & 2:00pm) and there is a battle on every train! And visit the camps or the sites for the following: Saturday: Antebellum Tea; Sunday: Peach Social.

The Arcade & Attica's route goes through rustic, countryside (only a few modern points along the way). Every attempt is made to make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding for both spectators and reenactors. The town of Arcade is open to visitors as all sorts of activities and specials occur throughout the town. Many activities and specials are planned.

Contact the Arcade Region Chamber of Commerce: (585)-492-2114. You will find few events as popular as this.

This event is always a sell-out, so consider reserving tickets early. If you do not reserve space, plan to come early to buy tickets"

*** As an aside, I will be there that day, and I know some other people who post here will be too. Maybe I will see you there! Come out and enjoy the weekend... just remember what side won the war!

  by Otto Vondrak
Thanks for drawing attention to this. Someone want to enter this into our Events calendar for added exposure?


  by admiralwolf
I am so there... time to get my camera polished up and ready. Is 18 gonna be in the lead?

  by jgallaway81
I hate to be a wet blanket in this time of excitement regarding the A&A... however, 18 will NOT be ready in time for the weekend.

I've been in contact with the FRA regarding the process for the new Form 4.

Even assuming that all the last minute details are already entered onto the form to send to the FRA, it will likely be several weeks from the time that the form 4 is recieved by the FRA before we hear back.

Sorry to disapoint you, but better to clear the air b4 rumors get taken for granted regarding something this potent.

  by admiralwolf
Well, it's unfortunate, but I'm certain everyone would rather it be done right and do with a touch of disappointment. Thank you for the info. I'll still be trying to get down there for this.

  by reinhardtjh
Though not mentioned here, the A & A web sited has this event happening on August 18th and 19th. Though it would be nice to be there to meet a few of you we will have to be nearly 600 miles further west in Terre Haute depositing our son at Indiana State University for his freshman year.

Here's to good weather in WNY! Go Blue!!!

  by admiralwolf
And here we have some of my photos of the day's events (Sunday). Sorry more of them didn't come out then this - I have to get a better flash for my camera.

Anyhow, here you go! Enjoy... oh, and there's a little something special I managed to catch some shots of at the end...


  by Benjamin Maggi
A great weekend was had by all, and if you missed it you should make sure to put it on your calendar for next year. My ears are still ringing from all of the battles I saw! Great weather, lots of fun.... and the Confederate soldiers were really knew how to work the passengers on the train!

See you next year!